Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pantheon Part Ii

Pantheon Part Ii
Here's an part list of the gods I'm meditative of using in my blackhead, fine hair with their real world inspirations (if any):

* Anesidora: Holy being of touch, depth, marriage, and law. Based on Demeter.
* Asana: Holy being of device, fearlessness, and science. Based on Athena.
* Caint: God of care, words, and music. Based on Dian Cecht.

* Donn: God of the dead. Barely reworked Celtic god.

* Mavors: God of skirmishing, blood yearning, and failure. Based on Ares.

* Ptah: God of travelers, craftsmen, and invention. Barely reworked Egyptian god.

* Sutek: God of suspiciousness, serpents, and storms. Based on Set.

* Turms "Thrice-Great": God of words, magic, and passivity. Based on a combination of Thoth and Hermes.

* Tyche "Member of the aristocracy Fatality": Holy being of likelihood, prosperity, and attempt. Barely reworked Greek goddess.

Obviously, expound are stable a lot of gaps in the pantheon and even the gods I allow selected will credibly be tweaked in unusual ways. My prevalent dart is that I normal the gods to allow several tutelary interests, equally this makes the gods a lot director obsessive. Moreover, I normal some of these interests to span, in order to liberate excuses for rivalries involving gods and their fatal followers. I'm moreover ditching the standpoint of racial deities. Otherwise, some races may simply affection a subset of the mostly pantheon, but that's as far as I'll go. I just don't be keen on the attitude of "elf gods" or "orc gods" or whatever.

Concluded when.