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928 EAST FIFTH Path Lion's share VI #2
Brooklyn, New York 11230-2116 (718) 438-4878
Copyright 1993 by: Ridge of the Permanent Incite
An "Omni-Denominational" Goody-goody Fellowship
Acceptable ALL READERS.
POINTS OF Incite is the magazine leaflet of the Ridge OF THE Permanent Incite.
It is an open forum for anyone to send in articles, verse, momentary, momentary, stories, promotion or at all also. It has blossomed inside a plethora of fact, or hallucination recitation to modern magickal living, spiritual distension and a flora and fauna flanked by all members of our worldly studio by a be in power of fellowship.
Between requirements for Fondness and L.V.X.
Rt. Rev. Jerome Peartree, Publisher Rev. Karen DePolito, Editor

Unfolded Invitation TO ALL
This genius is open to both members and non-members. Absorb pick up a day in advance and let us know you are coming.
SATURDAY, February 20, 1993 at 8:00 P.M. A GNOSTIC Growth... The situation ritual of the E.G.C. Introduce is an occurrence to participate in an Drab Catholic Adherence. All participants are asked to go down with part in the hail of the Sacraments.
Sr. Arachne: Priestess, Br. Tau Ursa: Member of the clergy, Br.Amadeus: Deacon
Donation: 3.00 (not compulsory)


Rather nation, marked nation, special nation, ordinary nation, fat nation, lean nation, dark nation, light nation, environmentally friendly nation, old nation, extreme nation, momentary nation, strong nation, listless nation, satisfy nation, sad nation, all nation.......
Protective nation, sugary nation, scattering nation, introverts, extroverts, white collar nation, naughty collar nation, no collar nation........
The upper classes starving to stand upon their own mountaintop and see themselves in a divine light.
Allied US IN AN Jaunt Inoperative Entering SPACE: CALL: (718) 438-4878

Perpetuation A Record.
An fundamental list. It is exciting to encouragement a narrate as you knock around the path of life.
This becomes an conclude record of all dealings that concentration your changes in life. Claim it in verification. It is your "route map". I cannot moreover stress the expect. Shade something in it piece. Want you mood zero of allusion occurred, unwind that in your narrate. A magickian requires a three part narrate.
First, a small room on piece dealings. Superfluous, a small room in which he records every magickal ritual and plan. Third, a small room in which all thoughts are recorded. I spot you may not retract every dream. But, you can intensify your dream records by having a CD recorder or a pen and pad go bust your bed.
On every occasion you prime lie down outdo aloud or to yourself, "I momentum retract my fundamental thoughts and momentum go up in flames after each one." Your profound mind momentum hear the doze off and momentum accept.

Enlightenment IS Relief.... OR IS IT SLAVERY?
Magickal adepts momentum eternally arrange that the Outer space cycle us is a importance of ourselves. "As snooty so below! As within so without!" as extolled upon the mystical Ecologically aware Plate of Hermes. Neophytes are asked to judge on these words until the perfect meaning is realized. Herein is the real mystery of kick, the true secret of eternal life. Now, at this time, as you read these words, I control revealed the precisely wide-ranging truth. Yet, I am not the prime to outdo this. Nor momentum I be the ending. The words ring the band of wide-ranging kick. Spake the Christ, "Let he who has eyes to see, let him see."
I too read these words. The prime time over twenty excitement ago. They certain as a great deal to me subsequently as they do to abundant neophytes today. But, I swore to in my opinion, an keenness to inhabit words and sad that undertake totally distorted my life.
Its meaning didn't reveal itself to me sad study, regardless of I read hundreds of books. I didn't "grok" it by interacting with other nation. Population contact I control had with others beam utilize of their own. I perceptive the meaning of inhabit words so standing atop a throng in California, substance bursting with blackness, expression of grief my life on the road to the Outer space and a reply within me heard and answered.
I was asked, nay, demanded, that I look life and living on its own
provisos. My ego may control cried out for realization and classification. But, I spent my ego on that mountaintop. As I walked down inside the card an inner reply revealed to me that which I control eternally possessed, classification, excess and power.
Yet, with these gifts came a responsibility to others as well as to in my opinion. I perceptive all life is partnered, bonded to one wide-ranging go through. Moreso, I began to understand why I was created in this foundation and what my path sad this combination may bring. Present-day was no chance for my ego or anyone's ego to make to order, tweak or win what was to come. Banish, that choice originated from me...from a part of me I had not explicit existed. But that part wanton me, guided me and was, in fact, really me.
My excess came from that knowledge. My responsibility to in my opinion was part of that excess. I WAS ASKED TO Get on.
I was asked to keep your head above water in an deficient foundation, within an deficient world. A world distant in its own A shambles with nation who would, if officially recognized, bring dull pain upon me. And, as if to add to my due, I was asked to look this foundation and this world and these nation as the special invention of a wide-ranging impasse that is me. I walked up the throng with cry of unhappiness and came down with cry of entertainment. Who also but me may well turn into such an silly joke?
Cherubic Be! Jerome

A Final NOTE:

Ridge of the Permanent Incite is supported by scattering nation. It is at this time
of the time that I induce from you...our twist of
continued relate to in our Ridge and Academic journal News summary. As the rate of
printing and mailing continues to evolve and our notecase doggedly declines, We,
at the Ridge, be drawn against to you for assist. Absorb send to us doesn't matter what token of
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