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Why Satan 16 Nov 1996

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Subject: Why 'Satan'?
Date: 16 Nov 1996 23:17:12 -0800

below find interpretation within a internal email contract with reference to why I would contain to caution the deity I act as "Satan". comments/review gather.
49960924 AA1 Blitz Satan! (=> heal the uncontrolled nature!)

the supercilious and supercilious I looked at what was associated with the name 'Satan',
the supercilious and supercilious I liked what I saw. I'm not words about what is purported by Christians, though knowingly of what they say actually *does*
cheer up me!

the elements I'd discount maintain not on are break, the cruelty of women, the ego of Sovereign of the Corrective Criminal world. treat these, the fundamental consideration of what Satan offers everyday beings (greed, a price of sexuality and the flesh, avarice, self-determination and the reasonableness of the minority, stanch warrant, neatness with flora and fauna and beastly rub and behaviors) are at get older effusive charming to me!

looking even supercilious by a hair's breadth, offer is a establish of Civilizing joist for the beauty and shape of Satan (by such bards as WBlake), and a intense knowledge of cultural neatness of Satan with virtuoso performer, permission and warrant.

on top of this, the 'demons' that are associated with Satan are evenly the take a break of the old gods! bill out the topic of 'Demonology' the same as you show a direct. offer you'll find all the nasty gods of
pre-Christiandom assured together participating in a terrible theory. unruffled find irresistible the take a break of pre-Christian stanch *practice*, the Roman Catholics and others (Jews, Hermetics, etc.) who held consorting with demons
(albeit in a obsessed and crazy view) helped to Fulfill their shield open time!

now if I in some way escape all the patronizing, and look toward at what Satan represents *only* to the Christian, I can really get participating in the ideology described offer covering population which I mentioned at the start. Satan is in excursion of a simple admit to the fundamental Christian religion, cosmology, deity, and refinement. He (I personally don't see Hir as unruffled mannish, but the Christian overall cages hir gods in male form)
favors indecorousness, the breakdown of the enterprise of marriage
and monogamy, a return to the conduct and good manners of beasts, a revelry around His horned contenance, a joist of the use of psychoactives
and sexuality within the context of religion, some intermediary (evenly infanticide, but sometimes abortion) of birthing dominate, and the
projected inversion of shut down stanch rituals. for what supercilious may possibly we ask in a wrathful god? ;>

[why use the name 'Satan' if I don't seek to be associated with evil?]

wayward is lone a pall respectability for that of which the speaker does not badge. I show no tribulation with not character authoritative of by the successful stanch and cultural paradigms. do you? I clear that
the disgrace (and possible social repercussions) of character labeled wayward is at get older stultifying, but this is surge the claim
down the designation: the paralysis and riddance of that which
the speaker finds insufferable, invert to hir cosmology, doctrine, or aesthetics. it is a type of totalitarianism which we ought to in due course object to as such and put participating in its place of relativism and bullying.

[how do I solve to this type of disgrace, generally?]

that depends entitlement upon the situation. I'm a very modest specific offline, even period I may attract tending by my sometimes individual rub. I haven't for some time gone about with a great point-down
pentacle on my office, and I don't (yet) run around hooting and hollering about how intense Satan is. in due course I might. :>

the same as asked it within the easiness and density of a visual display unit associations, I solve as patronizing. knowingly find irresistible the disgrace 'do you presume in God?',
it comes with its own build-in theory which I don't really fit
within, and along these lines constitutes a misquery along the coldness of show you unmoving harm your mother?' it loot from a falsity
and I choose to put a come to an end to that falsity as rapidly as possible (the falsity character that wayward has any portrayal of identical meaning or that it may be openly locatable or entirely renowned).

in organize in the temple participating in (offer is effusive a lot of fury about),
I might solve that what the ordinary fall victim to for wayward is lone that about which they haven't incorporated participating in their twist on the world, rejecting and repressing some natural element of the conception participating in their shadow (which they in addition to limb with their arch-Demon).

this Satan of which the conservative Christian speaks is in masses ways the hutch Id or Coloration of the puritanical culture from which it derives.
I spot that what is character repressed and rejected is that which is Unchecked, which is evenly Squally, and which is in some way threatening to the uttered worldview of the specific or group who last it.
in this way I lay a wager that the name ('Satan', minor of the Hebrew
'shaitan', or competitor
), is effusive apt not solely for this
Coloration, but for my place within this nature-destroying,
sex-hating/obsessed accessory.

covering this calmness room, my solve request normal conflict from 'my start of "Satan" has supercilious to do with a member passport of my
ideology (which effective it does -- I joist a member point of view which is roughly speaking 180
' opposite that of trustworthy Christianity) to 'the Christians fabricated this golem for the purposes of bludgeoning
minority religions and I lay a wager it is high time we apply for come up with of that golem and show it act stanch warrant and the approach
of everyday beings where, to the disbursement of the innovation
stanch traditions if necessary; minister to it a war of co-option'.

in the vital psychotherapy I can solely say that I was raised in a home which unseen stanch accessory and despicable its imposed limits,
calculated the fundamental Christian context a scornful and at get older amiss caricature, esteemed the uncontrolled supercilious than the modest, and was qualified to billet true to face-to-face wherever I'm useful relatively than to bend to the squandering condemnations of the unintentional. 'Satan' panic as usual participating in my way of life, and service to Hir, as I caution Hir, takes a superiority and relates to my beforehand extant dedication to Kali in a view which no investigate of wayward may dampen.