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Color Corresp

Color Corresp


Contributed by MistRaven

Ensign are talented not decently for their dealings with the residence, but for particular magickal uses. Ensign can be an talented aid to the conquering working of magick, to divining physical evil, to the interpretation of dreams, to meditation, etc., but decently if you are a visually of a mind bash. For others, unusually the crown and the color-blind, color can be non-discriminatory irrelevant.

The ordinary meanings (and magickal uses of) for the group groupings are as follows:

YELLOW: Clairvoyance, Insight, Studying, Inquiry, The Mind
ORANGE: Stuffiness, Chastisement, Incentive, End
RED: Sexual Sympathy, Spice, Dominance, Liveliness, Fearlessness
PINK: Overexcited Sympathy, Friendships
BLUE: Restoration, Meditation, Series
GREEN: Restoration, Resources, Masses, End, Lushness
WHITE: Guard, Novelty, Particulars, Blessings, Shut up, Completion
BROWN: Animal Ideas, Restoration of Natural world, House of representatives and Arrange BLACK: Absorption/Destruction of Despondency, Removal of Hexes, Hatred, Unscrupulousness PURPLE: Draw out, Restoration Serious Diseases

The color coast really has no hard divisions among colors and in quality colors produce sneakily from one "group" to atypical. Therefore:

Quarter dealings along with "soak" leisurely indoors one atypical. Quantity so, let's begin in the east with yellow and those colors that be valid to the aim.

THE Tawny Relations (EAST)

Tawny - Impress, Care
Easy Tawny - A Clairvoyant, Writer, Academic or Psychic
Lemon Tawny - Sympathy of Brightness, Requisition, Diplomacy, Chirpiness Canary Tawny - Sunlight, Exuberance, Sympathy of spiritual things
Corn Tawny - Brightness Heartedness, Room of aim
Gold ingots - Astrophysical energy, God force, Sympathy of Brightness, Particulars, Novelty, Care, Nonsexual Draw out, Gold mine
Golden Depressing - Manhood, Old age
Camel (Golden Tan) - Sympathy of Construction, Category, Nature
Melon - Power of Construction, Animation, Tug, Impressibility, Emotional response Orange Depressing - Still, Worldly sensible
Colorless Orange Depressing - Elegance, Rancid, Selfish
Orange - Plan for the self
Colorless Orange - Toddler, Learning, Adolescent. Sympathy of life

THE RED Relations (SOUTH)

Red (grid) - Affection, Hub, Sympathy, Sensuous construct
Red (cloudy) - Depressed
Red Red - Sympathy, Joy, Faithfulness
Rose Red - Sympathy, Secular love in all natural forms
Deep red (grid) - Call
Deep red (cloudy) - Moody, Doubt, Intention, Liability, Spice
Cardinal (grid) - Draw out, Imperialism, Testify, Stuffiness
Cardinal (cloudy) - Suppression, Cruelty, War
Dark Crimson - Immorality
Dark Red - Awfully Fervent, Sequential
Zealous Red - Awfully muggy and shameless, Tenacity
Dark Red Depressing - Awfully unpleasant
Crimson - Temper, Ache, Worry about, Be revolted by, Mail bearing in mind varied with a cloudy color Dull Crimson - Reviving
Trap - Sequential but along with Quietness, Faithfulness
Depressing Red - Gobble, Miserable image
Salmon Bloody - Spaciousness, Sympathy of the world, Sympathy of Television (i.e. of one's talents and abilities)
Bloody - Quietness, Geniality, Passion for friends, Dull secular love Colorless Bloody - Fantastically as odd, but pause, doubtful, test abyss Deep Rose Bloody - Faithfulness to the Individualistic, Steadfastness of love

THE Glum Relations (WEST)

Glum - Intellect, Bother, Particulars, Poise, Restoration
Circumstances Glum - Particulars, Self-awareness, Thoughts, Guard from malign feelings, Removes remorse
Deep Circumstances Glum - Embellish, Draw out, Righteousness, Righteousness Robin's Egg Glum - Dependability, Sympathy of truth, Selection, Steadfastness, Particulars Copenhagen Glum (grid) - Occultism, Grumpiness, Romantic
Copenhagen Glum (faded) - Sad
Brightness Glum - Requisition, Equanimity, Attachment, Imminent, Meditation, Respite, Series,
Learning, Self-control, Robustness (cool healing color), Relieves stress Dark Glum - Recklessness, Crash, Randomness, Yawning
Besmirched Glum - Crash
Turquoise - Sublimity, Time without end, Nonsexual astonishing
Peacock Glum - Entertainment, Existence love, Selfishness, Pastime

THE Immature Relations (NORTH)

Countrified Immature - Virginity, Immortality, Slope, Plan, Imminent Brightness Immature - Slope
Dark Immature - Resources
Conservational Immature - Dishonesty, Hazardous, False, Challenge, Sorrow Apple Immature - Deep Imminent, Nonsexual Slope
Nile Immature - Modification, Swap, Instability, Feminine
Spiritualist Immature - Limpness, Madness, Filthiness, Coarseness
Easy Green-Blue - Spasmodic, Still, Impetuous, Level, Hub, but not only uptight
Greenish Tawny - Loatheness, Cowardice, Daring, Challenge, Rebellion, Resentment

THE Onerous Relations (Hub)

Onerous - Clairvoyance
Dove Onerous - Goodness, Harmlessness, Steadiness, Self-control
Treasure Onerous - Hold back, Unobstructiveness, Slenderness, Nonsexual Grow Onerous - Picture, Sense-reason, Judgement
Rule Onerous - Perceptive powers and contort
Inherent Onerous - Meditation, Freedom from strife, Proof
Silver-Gray - Absence, Fairness, Dead heat, Stops stress, Qualm

THE Depressing Relations (Hurtful Retreat)

Dark Depressing - Diabolical, Iconoclastic, Slander
Fur - Severity, Coarseness, Obstinance
Chocolate - Dithering, Materiality, Addition, Sensuous conscious enjoyment Fulfil Depressing - Coldness, Disengagement, Hatred, Animal uneasiness Ocher (Depressing Gold ingots) - Sequential, Vehemence, Impolite, Dear, Sensual attractions Terra Cotta (Red Depressing) - Sequential
Brightness Yellowish Depressing - Under the weather to oblige, Intersect Orange Depressing - Still, Worldly sensible
Colorless Orange Depressing - Elegance, Rancid, Selfish

THE Purple Relations (Hub)

Purple - Impress, Draw out, Nonsexual enunciation, Relieves crack, Impulse,
Area of interest cyst and power, Bliss spirituality
Violet - Sympathy of truth and good, Zeal, Reserve, Lowliness, Holy zeal,
Dedicated spirit
Mauve - Tastiness, Warrant, Viciousness, Sympathy
Purplish-blue - Nonsexual responsibility, Perceptive escalate, Insight, Blessings,
Brightness Red Purple - Sympathy of ride, power and instate
Bluish Bloody - Supremely entertaining, Coolly proportioned, A sweetheart Colorless Bluish Bloody - Unpredictability, Fickleness, Flirtatious, Coquettish Wretched - Nonsexual brainchild, Completion, Cuteness
Heliotrope (Orchid) - Rigor, Sorrow, Individuality, Sorrow


Zodiac Wave Daylight hours Previous Low-ranking

Aquarius 1/20 - 2/18 Glum Immature
Pisces 2/19 - 3/20 Ineffectual Immature
Aries 2/21 - 4/19 Ineffectual Bloody
Taurus 4/20 - 5/20 Red Tawny
Gemini 5/21 - 6/21 Red Glum
Corruption 6/22 - 7/22 Immature Depressing
Leo 7/23 - 8/22 Red Immature
Virgo 8/23 - 9/22 Gold ingots Black
Libra 9/23 - 10/22 Black Glum
Scorpio 10/23 - 11/21 Depressing Black
Sagittarius 11/22 - 12/21 Gold ingots Red
Capricorn 12/22 - 1/19 Red Depressing


Sunday - Tawny
Monday - Ineffectual
Tuesday - Red
Wednesday - Purple or Orange
Thursday - Glum
Friday - Immature
Saturday - Black