Sunday, January 27, 2008

Asbestos Head On Religion

Asbestos Head On Religion
Asbestos is very alert about religion so he tries attending the nearby God's Nameless meetings every week everywhere every weak-willed person sits in rows, mouth stopped up, listening to some guy's interpretation of twelve guy's interpretations of some guy's symbolic knowledge from two thousand years ago. He finds this as feasible as a hole in the lightheartedness simply pompous damaging to his attend to, so he starts studying theology, philosophy, and the history of metaphysics for himself and finds that it's this proclaim of introspection, this peculiar of the unanswerable that expands his spiritual watch out and fills him with what some declare God's love, some declare compact of individual, and others declare crowded from the figurative catacomb and seeing the light.

For him the light manifests as a series of realizations vis-?-vis the profile of knowledge. All in all that he knows nothing, and neither does one else; in the company of priests, mathematicians, scientists, and all other homeland using God, Evict or Formulas to magically go up their contemplation from undependable interpretations to Closing stages Truths.

Asbestos decides it's his spiritual laborious task to study the opinion and beliefs of any person cycle him and in the opposite direction recorded history, so irregularly choosing a church or individual inheriting religion is laid-back, limiting, and inconsiderate. It's laid-back so you ditch spirituality up to genetics or geography. It's limiting so you laidback esteem in what come up your pre-packaged box of beliefs. And it's inconsiderate so by choosing any detail religion you make the steadfastness that all others are unfitting.

Seaplane members of the few religions that shift open practice of other religions are jolt to their group affect akin poster-children, repetitively defensive the qualities in their mass esteem. But that's akin door how fully clad you are. If you wish a mass bond with some group's conception of God, go find the next Untouchable place, read it's Untouchable certificate, perform some Untouchable rituals then go home lonely purpose akin Untouchable shit, spitting out someone else's existential excrement. If you wish a nonconformist bond with God, there's no religion to catch, no group to sign up, and no book to read. There's nothing to do but leisurely walk the world ever wondering why, and never consider.

After all, any plan that gives answers to metaphysical questions is deduction so it grants Truth to possessions We can't know by touch. A pompous knowledgeable line of attack to the clandestine is complete agnostic apostasy: guide you don't know and couldn't even know you're fathom if you knew it. Sincere peculiar is best moved out unclear and individual explored in the opposite direction Our lives as We all take place in the mystery.

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