Monday, January 7, 2008

Et Comes To Add

Et Comes To Add

Sefer HaBahir, verse 3 quotation

"Conventional interpretation: ... in order that it begin with a blessing."

"Liorah's interpretation: ... (to intuit) how mass need to know enabled power to discharge robust abilities."

Now that Malchut has been raised as elucidated in the keep going corridor, Geut - Raising The Fallen, "et" comes to add. As R' Ariel Bar Tzadok has explained a propos the use of the participle "et" in Torah (be it the In print Torah or the Verbal Torah, which includes Sefer HaBahir):

The excellent thought to him, "every time [the word] "Et" [is in print in the Torah] it comes to add [whatever thing].

In this quotation, follows the communication dalet (shiflut and geut) and precedes the ensconce. The ensconce secret to "name", "to feed power and agency", and "discharge abilities and power". Consequently, with the word, "et" comes to add all these matter to the kabbalist contemplating the words of this sefer, The Bahir.

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