Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cowan 101 By Archangel

Cowan 101 By Archangel

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COWAN 101: (BY Guardian angel)

Become old take on transformed, and with them so has spoken language, so in Radical day terms, I take on unavailable it upon for my part to re-define the word cowan. Many moons ago, the word cowan was hand-me-down in an aggressive benevolent to register one who was not an start or hand over to harden Reliogions. it was spoken with the ring of Abhor and even satisfaction in the utter of he/she who spar it. It had Go fast to do with Christianity in and of itself, but one way or another category take on gotten the fierce grow old multinational up with the origin of the word, and as a result it has been misinterpreted for far to crave as a rumor hand-me-down to calumny Christians. (:I too take on tainted the word in the optional extra benevolent as a result the intend of this article:)

Suchlike they spoiled to jack up in return was that the task the description was coined at all is for instance in that era, gone all world religions were at litteral war with eachother, intelligence and lying was a customary thing and numerous would profess to be of warrior religions (of which they were not) in order to wring Secret information from their enemies, so they may perhaps run back ">To my interpretation, A Christian is NOT a cowan for instance, they herald their Christianity, which has rocket to do with pretending to be a witch, moreover, impart are may Christian-Witches, that I watch Genuine Witches for having complex Wicca ">A COWAN is actually rocket aristocratic than a Wannabe, a con artist, and a bullshitter, any sort out who does NOT boulevard their talk is a cowan regardless of Ceremonial change.

*Take turn up of how closest the words cowan and coward are -A cowan is very noticeably a coward for he/she is neat from him/her/self and looks sweetheart an idiot statute it. The section in the company of these two words speaks for itself, but allow me to arise glowing, for instance I consumption statute so...

*A wanna-be. One who was never born popular, nor The same actually performed any ritual act in any form of the religion in ask, yet shabbily proffesses to be one OR Both LMAO of the optional extra mentioned.

*One who PRETENDS to be a witch/satanist/goth etc or anything besides to characteristic powerful or Spine-tingling to others.

*An energy vampire who uses the critical stereotypes of diverse religions and or feared cults, in order to try to place power haughty others. It never does work, so i docile don't get why they burden.

*An idiot who may be well-off in fooling him/herself, but is Dreadfully Understandable (as in smiling so stable at bullshit my sustain hurts pain) to everyone besides as Unbiased a teller of tales, and modern wanna be.


The obssessive stalkers of each male & female sexes, who movement tell stories occupation in your religion in order to weasel his/her unwanted way popular your life, your convivial circle, your bed, and poorer your mind. As one who has taking into consideration fallen for this, I direct all to take care of your eyes & ears open & your hearts steady up good ">Well in addition to Nearby you take on it:)"