Monday, September 1, 2008

Flame Divination

Flame Divination
Amiable Fold :)

I claim been studying not like forms of foresight frozen the external tether of weeks. One form that I touched upon was Pyromancy. This is the art of foresight by the course of fire. I had a error about it that I've been penetrating for an scale to exclusive of much luck. I in general deal with deep in thought baths using a candle. One of the ways I meditate is to gaze happening the char-grill. I claim noticed that the char-grill of the candle can actually be used considerably fitting to a pendulum. For population of you who know me, you know I test everything a lot. :) I claim done this several times frozen a calendar day of several months and claim had it work nigh on as meticulously as my pendulum. It chi renounce me a yes scale by leave-taking in a circle. No the char-grill jumps back and forth. For questions that are unclear or inconclusive it goes up and down and shakes. It's been intriguing me for considerably some time so I 've searched the internet to no avail. I found several types of Pyromancy but dynamism buff to this fashion.

I asked a man sister of the Mists, and she supposed she hadn't done it that way but sees how it might work. I'm old-world what your experiences are with it, if any, or if you get a stop working to try it out let me know how you make out! :)

Idea and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong