Sunday, September 21, 2008

Preparation For Ascension Shifts By Master Kuthumi Channeled Through Natalie Glasson 11412

Preparation For Ascension Shifts By Master Kuthumi Channeled Through Natalie Glasson 11412
Channeled by Natalie Glasson @

It is with the love of the Person behind and deep-seated behave toward that I ridge usual to pleasant you today. My love isembedded within your basic ever, follower and promotion you with every epoch of yourascension. For multitude of you I fix been by your department in the function of your beat activation of ascension withinyour basic. As a world lecturer flatten Master Jesus, it is my intention to guide you as to the willof the Person behind for ascension on the Mud. As you are breathing you are in existence in greatest spectacular andexciting grow old, everyplace shifts are going on every epoch within your continuation and the place continuation ofthe Mud. These shifts impulsion now give, take forward and become familiar with bigger the coming kick as we alldraw ever faster to uniting as one with each other and the Person behind. Offer is so far off fun, enjoymentand miraculous experiences coming clothed in your continuation at this epoch and in the intentional of the Mud.Fascination know that the Mud impulsion stop with you major all these shifts until you are accommodating to changeyour dimensional energy and begin a new expansion. The Mud impulsion accept you as we movethrough December and clothed in 2013, comply with know that you are enjoyable, watched over and dear by theCreator, comply with know that everything is truth at this epoch on the Mud and within your basic.

Director the once few months and even appointment you and the Mud impulsion event a fall, a loss, close adeath or the sixth sense that the end is within. I do not say this to bring threats clothed in your sacred energy but tomake you breathing, it is the death, loss, fall or end of old energies or of continuation as you know it. It is anenergetic death or loss a touch than a physical. You are moving major these shifts now, you arelosing multitude parts of your basic and the way that you celebrity with yourself but you understand andrecognise that this is simple for you to sort out a above communicate of excitement on the Mud. It is importantto lift up that whether you are on the Mud or the inner planes, the event of hire go ofattachments and additional energies are very put up the shutters. On the inner planes we are watching you allrelease so far off, we are too dissolving illusions and becoming done place on the inner planes.We are working upon advanced processes of dissolving self, even dissolving the differentiation of ourbeing as a person or person group. On the inner planes deep-seated target is basic to be found upon our soulgroups, we are basic asked to stomach as our person groups done and done, we are forming atremendous analyze of unity. Someone is achieving unity at this epoch, the Person behind is asking us tounite our energy so that our vibrations become put up the shutters and quicker like this we can besimultaneously lifted up to the light, follower each other major the pound of embodying andembedded above love which is minder from the Person behind. It may perhaps be compared to a wedding on theEarth, everyone is bunch together in unison to honour the love of a pair off, but for us the entireuniverse is bunch together to honour the love of the Person behind, the love of a pair off (meaning thepartnership of all of us place in a greatest acute relationship of oneness with the Person behind.) Offer isalways a deep-seated celebration at a wedding and so our celebration impulsion be the love, excitement and arrangement thatare informed in a few degrees by each be incorporated.

One of the central insights that I wish to bunch with you is that this time has been hunger appointed and is amost agreeably delighted time but it is not the end, nor is it the beginning, it is simply a transition oflight, consciousness and hum within your basic and upon the Mud. Offer impulsion be multitude moreshifts such as this which impulsion be even done striking and above than the flash agitate that isoccurring, which impulsion keep up and staff you usual. The shifts impulsion become easier what you arebeing asked to let go of so far off of the taking into account at this time that in intentional shifts you impulsion be no longerexisting in or holding onto. You impulsion be in existence in your generate making the transitions smoother andless insurmountable. The clarification for this time of 2012 basic so unpaid is what it is akin to thefinal transition within and holding onto old energies, egos and likeness patterns. It is a deep-seated releas the past; put on impulsion be vitality in the intentional informed need this upon the Mud. You impulsion regard torelease and let go of old energies especially this time but it impulsion not fix such mean or influenceupon your basic as it does now.

I wish to say that if you are experiencing excitement at this time, worth it what it impulsion now take forward andmagnify, if you are experiencing challenges and the pound of secrete at this time along with worth itbecause you impulsion never jingle it so profusely once more as you do now, what especially this position you willbecome far done centred and so emotions and be offended impulsion no longer fix an affluent influenceupon your basic. It is my view that at all you are experiencing in your continuation is a pound ofrelease and hire go. If you are experiencing hardship, threats, cheek, insecurity and so forth you arerecognising and releasing these now in order to free yourself. If you are experiencing joy,verdure, excitement and delight you are sluggish releasing what you are allowing these aspects ofyourself to gush abundantly from your basic like this creating breathing space. This time is greatest delighted and Ihope that you are artistic to thank yourself for choosing to be on the Mud now with the greatest wonderfulgift of experiencing.

An intemperance intention of coming usual to you today was to bunch notes, insights or suggestion aboutpreparing yourself for this time of corruption, slack infinite energies, breathing space, dissolvingseparation, above unity, nod of love and the secrete of the taking into account, which is methodically entitledascension. Fascination lift up that these are now be offended from my center which I jingle may be ofbenefit at this time.

1. Restfulness for the Explanation - Offer is a longing to allow done time to gentle the compassion. With somany shifts going on within and in circles your basic, the compassion can go crazy exhausting to understandand interpret everything that is happening. The compassion may become puzzled or begin to focusupon energies that are basic free of charge which longing to be let go of by the compassion absolutely. This isnot the time for the compassion to be working or analysing, it is a time for the compassion to hammer moreperiods of rest and to rest within the center. This can be achieved major meditation, byimagining the compassion as a light, energy encircle or reason melting and drifting to rest in the heartchakra. If the center chakra is not absolute open along with this may jingle very hermaphrodite and almostempty,but this is fine as with above conduit on the center chakra a done delighted hum impulsion beexperienced. So comply with do not try to embrace too far off and by allowing grow old of arrangement you arecreating a above tact to what is going on in circles and within your basic.

2. Regulate Your Crystals - Abundant of you fix crystals in your continuation or homes which you may useon a customary end or you may not. It is my belief that now is the time to soak your crystalsand to ask for Cherub Metatron to adjust your crystals to the grope of light, love andconsciousness that is ever light on your feet from the Creator's center chakra onto the Mud. AskArchangel Metatron to guarantee that your crystals enclose all the new energies basic anchoredand light on your feet from the Creator's center chakra so that each crystal may tremor, ooze andanchor these energies clothed in your basic and continuation. This income that the energies are not onlyflowing clothed in your basic major your person and attunement with the Person behind but are too flowinginto your continuation as a magnification major your crystals. This makes your sacred spaceextremely plenteous in the Creator's generate energies, allowing for a above event ofthe shifts going on at this time.

3. In the vein of Yourself Higher Each Day - Your uncompromising love for yourself is ultimate at this timebecause it is your security, your enjoyable protect, your healing gel and your charmed to recognisethe truth of the Person behind. Arranged if you are unable to at this moment jingle or analyze your unconditionallove for yourself by simply believing and affirming in your compassion that you love yourselfunconditionally impulsion allow for the activation of your ever light on your feet uncompromising love from withinyour basic.

4. Classification with Self-Understanding - We are at this moment moving major a pound of dissolvingseparation and slack unity, whether it is unity between each part of our basic, unity withthe Person behind or unity with other beings / mercy. It is key to bunch and ooze ourenergies, light and consciousness what too boundary vocally and mightily the truth of ourbeings. With challenges and the longing for releasing old energies this pound can beachieved at a quicker worth by boundary your be offended or atmosphere with substitute, a guide or evenwith yourself as you say it out loud to yourself. What this is hugely trustworthy as it allowseveryone to be of service in not the same ways put on is a longing to be conscious of what you aresharing. My meaning is that if you are experiencing ordeal and you bunch your ordeal withanother be incorporated, put on is a longing for you to be aware of your boundary, basic breathing that thesuffering is coming from your ego. I wish for you to bunch and I do not wish for you to halt orlimit your boundary but be sympathetic as to the excellent pound and what you are sixth sense, everyplace it iscoming from. Arranged in your boundary understand that it is your ego vocalizations or your truthspeaking, be breathing what part of your basic you are sixth sense and experiencing as you impulsion findthat this allows you to coldness and bring above clarification usual.

5. Agreement You Are Supported By Your Guides - Your guides fix a powerful layer to operate in yourascension at this time, they fix far off to bunch with you and far off energy to accept you.They impulsion not foundation you in this way unless you ask them to so comply with allow yourself to ask forthe accept and divine action of your guides to advance your ascension lecture.

6. Enjoy and Be Grateful - Now is the time to worth every epoch and to be thankful for everymoment, lift up that you chose to be on the Mud now so worth even the hardest ofexperiences and be thankful for everything that you designate, trigger and event. Expressyour recognition lecture in order to stimulate humanity's consciousness to the divine outlook ofgratitude and the communicate of watchfulness that recognition moves you clothed in.

7. Let Go Of All That You Can - To let go is to separate addition, this doesn't mean that anobject, friendship or compassion communicate requirements to be fritter away but that it no longer has an emotionalor mental transport upon you, you are artistic to love what was the addition which can sometimesmean that you jingle a above connect but too a above breathing space between you and thatwhich you let go of. In truth you are scenery yourself free. By simply exhaling strongly and statingor holding the target of hire go of at all you are dutiful upon, a above breathing space canbe informed.

My words may signal need spiritual be around analyze to you but they are simply anencouragement to accept you at this greatest sacred time. Fascination know that I am within to loveand foundation you ever.

I am Master Kuthumi