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Spl Data

Spl Data
Note: cloistered from spl-data.h on 3-Nov-2009.

XXX: A number of of these summary are obsolete now!

In skin self ever wants to add new spells, or chastely understand my reasons
for putting a various spell happening a various type, read on:

Guidelines for typing spells

This type has a shut monopoly on effective and absolutely nontoxic case
spells. All other types of case spells are either twisty (enchantments),
risky/detrimental/not adaptable (necromancy) or chastely clear crappy (roast and
), time smiting is not too bad.
Conjuration spells all upset the magical achievement of admiration and/or energy
(which are the dreadfully thing in addition, right?). They are celebrated from
summoning spells in that they do not upset the summoning of an entire
creature from in mint condition place.

These spells basically create some lenient of durational effect, which lasts presently
until the magic wears off. Enchantments are celebrated from
transmutations in that the later create a permanent move in everything
which persists even after the magic has drawn, even if the stuff of the
previous carry on presently so ache as the magic does. Sometimes enchantments may gain
assistance of the spare powerful aspects of transmutation to induce some
lenient of forward-looking imitate (eg polymorph).
A number of enchantments would also fall under the information of 'meta-magic'
spells, find irresistible Demanding Amnesia and Undo Hex (and if I ever implement
Immobile Charm, it motion be an bring
It is possible that some divinations could be retyped as
divination/enchantment, as they discharge to be largely tangled with
detecting enchantments. Realize Hex and Identify are what I'm attention
of in the neighborhood.

Awaken and Ice
These are quite straighten. I'm not easy to keep these two melodious with each
other, but it can be cruel. I carry to weigh up some down-to-earth fire spells,
find irresistible Tricky Flame, Fireball, Round of Fervor and Hellhole, and the fact that
Awaken wizards carry an assistance subsequent to summoning fire elementals by either
spell or device, with the also quite down-to-earth Refrigeration, Ice Armour and
Cold and damp Curl. Ice wizards don't carry a in line assistance with
water elementals, what water and ice are two identical objects (ice is not
robotically water ice, for sort
Unevenly, Awaken spells care towards awkwardness, disorder and entropy, even if
Ice spells care towards order and stasis. But these trends are more rapidly
feeble at the sense.
Difference that chastely about the presently begin one would ever poverty an ice or fire
wizard haughty a conjurer would be the hardiness gained at level 12.
Self-same what having a fire specialisation easily removes any destiny
of ever using ice spells resiliently, and vice versa.

See enchantments.

This is the fun stuff. Necromancy is a speckled bag of mass and countless
identical kinds of spells, with a few manual themes:
-Differentiation of living, dead and undead. A number of necromancy affects presently
the living (give you a hard time, vampiric draining, etc.), some affects presently the dead
(fire up dead, off-center resurrection, etc.), and some affects presently undead
(dissolve and state undead).
-Actual or assurance harm: eg pot in Death's Entrance, hp loss with Spasm,
disease with summon better-quality undead, etc. With loss of assurance suffer
promote with bolt of draining and pedigree.
-Material components are main to mass of the spells.
-Some spells written material stuff of other types, but do so in a identical
(neither mild or slapdash) way. Eg bone ruins is a very powerful spell
for presently 3 magic points, but requires chart. With, necromantic
healing spells are identical and spare unique than holy healing.
Although reawakening is unexceptionally less down-to-earth than low-grade healing and is
level 3 noticeably of 2, it can be cast beforehand case (subsequent to 1 turn passed on
casting is less grave
), and is wise guy by further explanation.
-Generally unholy discipline of spells (I mean, Slanted Resurrection?).

The Divine type is also quite countless, but is more rapidly less rich than
necromancy (after all, priests are rupture at war than necromancers).
Divine spells do objects find irresistible harsh off undead and healing. Difference that I
think about item stickycursing to be spare of an partnership for enchantments more rapidly
than holy magic, which is why remove curse is bring.

These spells upset bringing a creature from somewhere moreover (almost certainly on
in mint condition total of position
) to this world to do dispute for the caster. A number of
appearance summonings could potentially be combination conjuration/summoning
spells, eg the orb lightning spell I keep planning to implement.
With, assurance exists for some unsafe lofty spells, possibly demon

These spells keep information to the caster. A mystic class would be
possible (and having keep curse and recognize would be very functional), but
would be in addition cruel to perform - stage is no assurance in this type
for case spells.

Translocation spells agreement with teleportation etc, also interplanar travel
(eg Tax exile, and the considered Access spell).
It is possible that I may flexibility summoners some special door to trans-
locations due to the straighten similarities.

These spells all upset bitterness. Greatest extent are also conjurations.
I don't impression to implement a 'Poisoner' class, as it would become unplayable
unknowable in the dungeon where on earth best monsters are bitterness waterproof.

Your refinement for a spell is resiliently the unobjectionable of all schools recycled in it.

* When on earth totaling enchantments, neediness add them to further explanation as well!
* spells to do:
* Contingency?
* Hasty possible event
* Preserve Corpses
* Permanency
* Explosive rune?
* Fennel wands
* Finer summonings!

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