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Exodus Journey

Exodus Journey

The move of Exodus is one of the limit substance and marvelous spiritual journeys in Record. Gift is no other join move which is commonly well-known once again and once again every engagement. It is a move from slavery to breathing space, from a warrant of consciousness full by leaning, conditionality, and inner slavery, to a consciousness of breathing space.

The creature move of Exodus go into liquidation a cultural, academic and spiritual overthrow in world history and it forms the constitutive skirmish which park monotheism in the world. The constitutive dealings of passage the Red Sea, the Dimension Sinai concurrence, and the look at the Promised-Land, mean on the inner level three essential stages of the spiritual path:

* Tour the sea is likened to passage the world of the essence.
* The Dimension Sinai concurrence describes the inner acquaintance to the divine, the delivery of a secretive Torah, and the date to adjourn from out of a consciousness of service.
* The look at the promised land, a "good and large land", a "land of milk and devotion" is contemporaneous to the section someplace a individual becomes park in his or her inner space, sure, organizing his or her life in accordance to guise tendencies from a place of inner breathing space, sighting in life the enjoyment of any spiritual and material light.

The scenes, temples, and sites all over the place the move are particular, and the spaces are chiefly powerful. Imagine-in one move visiting the temples of Abu Simbel, the graves of the Pharaohs, The temples of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Hathor, Tel El-Amarna, the seat of Pharaoh Akhenaten who tried to bring monotheism to Egypt earlier the days of Moses, the Giza Pyramids of major light, the robust Dimension Sinai, and the wonderful expanses of this illusion garbage dump, arriving categorically in Israel and initiative trendy the new culture that might almost certainly be twisted in the "promised land".

The Supervise of Exodus is an major move on all levels and realms.

Give off to proficiency and hold.

Supervise Program:


Access at Cairo, night train to Aswan, Dead to the world travels in the train's snoozing compartments.


Access at Aswan in following dawn, disagreeable rest at the hunting lodge, behindhand which we ghoul normal the Atoll of Philae which is seated in the Nile, offering we ghoul see the melodramatic temples of Goddess Isis and Hathor.

Longings-Hotel in Aswan


We ghoul normal the melodramatic temples of Abu Simbel. These temples were raised from the water for instance the Aswan dam was built and for instance seeing the robust temples they mob as a true weigh up. The normal to Abu Simbel is an exceptional proficiency. In the rear the normal we ghoul return to Aswan and the afternoon ghoul be free.

Lodgings-Aswan hunting lodge.


Spirit to Luxor, on the way we ghoul normal the temple of Kom Embo and the pleasurable Horus Temple in Edfu. We ghoul describe in Luxor in the afternoon and behindhand a light rest we ghoul normal the temple of Luxor.

Lodgings-Hotel in Luxor.


We ghoul meet the Western part of the Nile and normal the Toss of the Kings. We ghoul go bottom the earth to view the enlivening graves and behindhand we ghoul outlive to the temple of Ruler Hatshepsut. In the afternoon we ghoul normal the lofty Karnak temple.

Residence -Hotel in Luxor.


We ghoul go north from Luxor and normal Dandara and Abydos. The Hathor temple in Dandara is favorably particular. Towards evening we ghoul outlive by bus to the borough of Minya.

Lodgings-Hotel in Minya.


This is a special day in which we ghoul normal Tel El-Amarna, the borough of Akhenaten. In the afternoon we ghoul return by bus to Cairo.

Lodgings-Hotel in Cairo.


We ghoul normal the pyramids of Dahshur and Meidum.

Lodgings-Hotel in Cairo.


We ghoul normal the fairylike Giza Pyramids. We ghoul try to key in the king's room in the robust pyramid and subsequently we ghoul outlive to the Sphinx which is next to the pyramids and provoke to pledge the riddles it asks us...

Lodgings-Hotel in Cairo.


Tour the Red Sea (by bus...) and burdensome to the Absorbed crowd of Sinai, reaching the Bedouin rural community in Santa Katarina, getting inflexible, selling grub, renting camels, and inwardly the rest.

Station digs in a beautiful Bedouin rural community in the mountains.


A day of pact in the quarter of the camp: secretive ceremonies, group inner study, secretive pact for the night of the Seder.

Camping in the rural community.


The night of the Seder-We ghoul stampede to the top of Katarina crowd (Jabel Katarina), the robust crowd of Sinai, someplace we ghoul perform a particular and pick Seder on the top of Dimension Sinai, in the midst of holy scene, under the full moon, with real acquaintance to the image of Moses' essence and the particular spiritual light of the Seder night. From the proficiency of common years-this is definitely an melodramatic proficiency.

Camping on top of the crowd.


We ghoul perch the crowd and offer the day to inwardly assimilating the light received.

Camping in the orchard.


We ghoul go off in a huff the mountains to the rural community and from offering we ghoul outlive to Israel, we ghoul arrange Taba and offering perform a express to end this pleasurable move.

*OPTION: terminate the move in Jerusalem, if offering ghoul be acceptable self-regulating cars we ghoul fight up to Jerusalem together and perform the terminate express offering.

"THE Supervise LEADERS:"


OHAD EZRACHI is a Jewish Renewal rabbi, a trainer of Kabala, and between population to revitalize and overhaul the path of the Hebrews. In engagement 2000 he founded the Makom community in Metzokei Dragot about the Extinct Sea, which operated as the initially Hebrew ashram until 2005. He subsequently founded the "Shevet Ha Ivri" (the Hebrew Kin) which operated in the Galilee cattle farm definitive engagement. Ohad has throaty and longstanding work relationships with shamans and District American healers, Buddhist teachers, Zen personages and other spiritual records coming from various disciplines and fields. Ohad wrote common books and articles on the study of Kabala and the Hebrew myth. He teaches and facilitates groups in Israel, the U.S.A, and Europe.

SHMUEL SHAUL studies and teaches Hebrew shamanism, integrating shamanistic approaches with the Hebrew spirit and study of Kabala. He teaches courses and workshops any in Israel and abroad on a medley of subjects: working with the wisdom of arrange, walking in the Kabalistic orchard, working with dream consciousness, the secret of Hebrew script, the Egyptian path of initiation and various techniques of healing. For the past 16 time Shmuel has been leading spiritual journeys in Israel and abroad, he presents a program on "Body mist of Construction" radio, and wrote common articles for the journals "Chayim Acherim" (An Route Construction) and "Masah Acher" (A Peer Supervise).

These days-Ohad and Shmuel, with the help of a extensive association of good population, are establishing "Neviah-The Hebrew Academ-Yah, of Determination".


1640-with registration until Febuary 15th

1700-with registration until March 10th

1760 behindhand March 10th

When a visa destitution be issued to key in Egypt, absolutely population holding Israeli passports can come to up to 12 days earlier the journey's start.

Foster charge for a data room (ghoul be announced past)

THE Charge INCLUDES: All tours, entry trendy all the sites (rail the robust pyramid in Giza), moving, guides, camels, private residence in Egyptian hotels and camping in Sinai, Breakfasts in Egypt, and full board in Sinai.

The quantity does not include-70 for a "tips" augment designed for the strange guides and cause service, visa for Egypt, moving to Cairo. We squalid to arrange Eilat and from offering portray a bus to Cairo (more or less 15), it is after that realistic to fly to Cairo and be given us offering (more or less 350-400), moor duty, curative protection, gear protection, all other meals, and entry to sites not included in the program.

REGISTRATION FEE - 250. The rest can be paid in 3 unrestricted expenditure.

CANCELATION FEE-Up to two weeks abovementioned the trip registration fee absolutely, from two weeks abovementioned the trip to the starting day 50% of the charge. On the starting day full charge of the trip ghoul be paid.

For other information and registration: 054-6678999