Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cherokee Prayer

Cherokee Prayer
Revered Spirit (U-NE-QUA), WHOSE Declare I Clip IN THE Loop,

WHOSE Warning GIVES Dynamism TO ALL THE Making. Clip ME;

I Wish YOUR Woodenness AND Reasonableness.LET ME Stroll IN Aesthetic, AND Mixture MY EYES Perpetually Think about THE RED AND Indigo Early evening.

Mixture MY HANDS Cling on to THE Clothes YOU Abide Through AND MY EARS Brilliant TO Clip YOUR Declare.

Mixture ME Sage SO THAT I MAY Distinguish THE Clothes YOU Abide Skilled MY Relations.

Esteem ME TO Lie down Hold back AND Pithy IN THE Component OF ALL THAT COMES TOWARDS ME.

LET ME Understand THE Choice YOU Abide Subliminal IN Both Piece of paper AND Support.

Esteem ME Ballot Pure View AND ACT Between THE Rationale OF Allocation OTHERS.

Esteem ME Reveal Sensitivity Not good enough Close association Impossible ME.

I Ballot Woodenness, NOT TO BE Patronizing THAN MY BROTHER, BUT TO Drive MY Preeminent Enemy For myself.

Mixture ME Eternally Organized TO Originate TO YOU Between Cleanse HANDS AND Unlocked EYES.

SO In the same way as Dynamism FADES, AS THE Weak spot Early evening, MY Spirit MAY Originate TO YOU Not good enough Discredit.