Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Year New Book

New Year New Book
DAUGHTERS OF THE WITCHING Hill, my different exploring the true story of the Pendle Witches of 1612, is now out in hardback.

The violent, overcast outline of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, Northern England, my home for the since nine years, gave outset to my different, DAUGHTERS OF THE WITCHING Hill, which tells the true story of the Pendle Witches.

In 1612, seven women and two men from Pendle Forest were hanged for witchcraft, but the maximum distinguished of the accused, Bess Southerns, aka Blood relation Demdike, cheated the hangman by dying in prison. This is how Thomas Potts, describes her in THE WONDERFULL DISCOVERIE OF WITCHES IN THE COUNTIE OF LANCASTER:

She was a very old animal, about the age of Foure-score yeares, and had been a Witch for fiftie yeares. She dwelt in the Forrest of Pendle, a full-size place, fitte for her profession: Equally shee committed in her time, no man knowes.... No man run off her or her Furies.

One-time books display been written about the Pendle Witches--both nuanced and lively. Fund is the foremost to hand over the tale from Bess Southerns's walk of view. I longed to effect her what her world denied her--her own articulate.

Greatest is a smooth thing that unremittingly shapes the proffer. Set in an era of serious edginess, supporting upset, instinct, and extroverted inequality, Bess and her family's undertake feels leader matter than ever, particularly as we line of attack the 400th golden jubilee of the Pendle Witch trials in 2012.

I rely on you will be as inspired by their story as I am.

Stylish is a lively video docodrama I become with Outsider TV about a engagement ago:

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