Thursday, May 13, 2010

Craft Ethics Response

Craft Ethics Response
A Consequence TO "Start Ideology OF THE Harmony OF THE DOVES"

It has without fail been my view that the Scrabble Way of life, every one in the Wiccan (European Shamanic) and Neo-Native Shamanic object, are seeing their recreation out of a true impecuniousness to heal this spoil Father of ours, and to stick Her hand, for Her irritate is embryonic. It is rather elective that lacking this transformed spirit of admiration and esteem of Scrabble and Sky and the Environmental Fortunate of All that Is, union as a sort out would be ended as out-of-date as the Passenger Pigeon and the Dodo Bird.

So, as a Pagan and as a fan of the Ways of the Chiricahua Teneh
Ability, I flinch whenever I see confines and requirements that are, for all intents and purposes, weak today, and very soon hinder the remit we accommodate of positive others to rod in a better sacred way on the Map of Our Father. I see the power trips, the "I'm the Immense Holy woman(ess), that's why" crap and the games burdensome better and better Pagans solitary, in the role of we duty be uniting. And I was all right exasperated in the role of I read the published "ethics" of one disc, the Harmony of the Doves, now acknowledged as the United Wiccan House of worship.

I accommodate nap the stunning points that dumbfound me the limit, and strength remedy to them one by one.

No beast shall be a Maiden who has not been in her courses.
MK-H: I conjecture that's fair abundance. But whether or not a beast is nowadays menstruating is none of the Coven's occurrence.

No beast shall be bound unless she has conceded her 17th day, nor shall she accommodate her ordination smart until that time.

MK-H: No coven has any occurrence ordaining a woman, beast or man, or else the legal Age of Permission, unless the worse is lawfully limitless, and can end product their emancipation papers. To do more willingly than is a wonderful reason for prosecution if the harassment that String 18 and other Fundie hate articles I accommodate been compiling in my XIANHATE series of store sound to vow comes to pass.

No beast shall accommodate her ordination smart unless she is in her courses, has ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, two ears, a rifle. Her generative organs and breasts obligation be lock. The restore loss of limbs or the luggage of harass train ordination shall not invalidate the ordination.

MK-H: So you would part from ordination to a beast who is handicapped, or sunshade, or deaf, or has suffered the luggage of evil and may accommodate had a hysterectomy, a mastectomy or even the less-invasive "lumpectomy" done on her to renew her life?
That is conservative and acceptably lacking gossip in this day and age. And what if she is in the manner of Menopause? Would you part from ordination to a beast who may be in the manner of her rich years? That's on the whole rude to the Elders who protect so considerably wisdom that may possibly be an power to a Swivel.

No beast shall be a Leprechaun who has not coupled.
MK-H: Once more, this is none of the Coven's occurrence whether or not a beast has had sex. No beast shall be a Crone who has not special origin.

MK-H: Certified accommodate favored NOT to allow children, out of either cost-effective should, or believe that this village is not the place to raise kids in. And some accommodate smart that they unsophisticatedly do not accommodate the personality for child-rearing (in my opinion included in that key in.) Certified are parched, including no effort of their own. And some, including either psychological or physical drives, aid other women. Display are a wonderful shrink of Lesbians in the Wiccan clash. Would you plan them off as nonexistent?

No man shall be a Conjurer who has not healed.

MK-H: Psychoanalysis is not crucially the very soon deed the God and Divine being salary to the world. So, if a woman does not accommodate that deed, that does not mean that they aren't proficient to the Swivel in other capacities. And why is this banner very soon doable to Work postulants? Certified of the best healers I know are female.

No man shall be bound unless he has conceded his 33rd day, nor shall he accommodate his ordination smart until that time.
MK-H: Why a deputy cattle on in the role of a man duty be ordained? 18 is appropriately fine for an eligibility go out with.

No man shall accommodate his ordination smart unless he is the open of a living child, has ten fingers and ten toes, two eyes, two ears and a rifle and generative organs lock. The restore loss of limbs or the luggage of harass train ordination shall not invalidate the ordination.
MK-H: Once more I articulate my objections about the anti-Physically Challenged favoritism that this state implies. And I sheltered that the state of brute "the
open of a living child
" is communicate for very soon one reason--that it is a lawfully permissible way of stating "No Pooftahs". Specifically as the childbearing state is undemocratic to Lesbians, the parenthood state is
undemocratic to Gays.

So what would I in my opinion ask of postulants wishing initiation? In my nonexistent Swivel, I would ask them to declare, under shock of disfellowship, that they are not law enforcement officers amalgamation the Swivel for espionage purposes, nor are they communicate for destabilize or in- filtration purposes under religious private grounds.
Plus, they duty claim their obligation to The Scrabble Father, The Sky Create, and Their Irrevocable Fortunate, for exploit obligation to other deities.
(Original to wild plant out Christian or "satanist" infiltrators) They duty accommodate above their Forewarning Search for, and accommodate contacted their Diminish Body in the form of their Lug Insect(s), and their Haughty Body in the form of the Shaman or Teacher Internal. They also duty not tutor in plane or incoming signs of brute academically unsuitable (no matter which that would muddle a lot of naive one's gut, period a psychologically-based mold possibly will be a good way of confirming it) or exceedingly conscious with "discrimination power". They obligation also, for legal reasons, be either over and done with 18 or lawfully limitless.

Plus, communicate strength be very soon ONE step in my Circle--that of Kin. Someone who is initiated is so it is said synchronize to act as ceremonial facilitator, and that post strength be rotated to them as the twirl goes something like the Swivel.
Decisions duty be ended by agreement, with one woman having very soon one utter.
I ask you, James...does not the Father and the Create declaration that we duty all be free and competition to one another? Is that not why you opt to accommodate your Coven be open in their rite? (Due to the fact that the Chiricahua Teneh never performed ceremonials in the nude, I would in my opinion opt for robed work, even to the block of the world working in wealthy street clothes.) So why all this bloody RESTRICTION? Why all these petty, and sometimes even undemocratic programming and regulations? Your prototype Aleister similar to assumed "The word for Sin is Sanction." It's a good contain of thumb.

Michelle Chihacou Gray Puma Klein-Hass