Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading Image
FORT44B.ZIP 290216 12/23/96 A potpourri of divination and fortune telling
techniques: Three separate playing-card
methods, dice, numerology, runes, and
"Instant Oracle". A history and explanation
of each method is provided. Also included is
an ESP test.
ICHNG12A.ZIP 247984 12/23/96 Ancient Chinese fortune telling and
philosophy. You toss coins or sticks to
create a pattern of six lines, forming a
hexagram for interpretation. Select the
traditional yarrow-stick method, coin-toss,
Computer's Choice, or build your own. You can
edit the text for each hexagram on screen, so
that the readings can incorporate your
favorite translation and commentaries. Add
your own text.
NUMB541.ZIP 304600 12/22/96 Uses the philosophy of Numerology to analyze
your name and birthdate for a complete
personality profile and forecast for the
coming year. Professional-looking reports can
be edited for truly personalized
interpretations. This has been our most
popular program for nearly four years!

TAROT32A.ZIP 200377 12/22/96 Now you can enjoy professional-quality Tarot
card readings on your PC! Personal Tarot
automates shuffling and dealing, builds a
ten-card layout, and displays card
descriptions and meanings (no pictures). You
choose among different methods of shuffling
and card layout, edit the card
interpretations, add your own comments.

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