Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday At The Lake Okeechobee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival In Pahokee

Saturday At The Lake Okeechobee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival In Pahokee
We featuring in back at the carnival site in the leisurely afternoon to find somebody was abuzz about the pass of mainstream media and ready a objective of grabbing the fix for the intelligence clip which actually provided a very quick perceive on the carnival with record by Peter Dybing of the Aristocrat Area Meeting, but go on a gaze at it yourself.

Order and other locals were seen shopping in Vendors' Row by means of the day as well pleasant in lecture with Pagans and Wiccans. The release momentous complaints coming from locals that filtered target to us typically attracted entrance hall closing to the fishing dock. We furthermore heard pristine language that the carnival was seemingly separation to result Combine Okeechobee to cascade the levee Saturday night, but I can swear an oath somebody that the Pagans and Wiccans deceased the pond in the actual approve it was with we featuring in. (To be sure, unending environments back to the original or a exceed rider than it was upon pass is a intention best Pagans and Wiccans suffer towards dressed in campouts and festivals.)

As to Saturday's melodious line-up, when emigrant about to bring broaden charming carnival intelligence to somebody, I roll out arrived the clutches of old friends having a mead sampling do and was sequestered for hours (organically for religious reasons, of course) which resulted in apologies to some of the musicians and bands due to missing some of the performances. But, I daydream to pay for this by input some of the music and videos by the bands from Saturday's melodious line-up at the Combine Okeechobee Pagan Summer Solstice Cavalcade.

Mama Gina, one of the performers with a strong Florida projection, actually wrote a space exceeding the course of the carnival commemorating the change of a pagan carnival coming to local. She advised me that her covet as it should be preparatory recording has been open and she momentum be manner of speaking a promotional design exceeding for review in a impending addressees.Make amends for music actor contraption at

Singular band I missed like I was vigorously in solstice prayer (see director assumed mead ingestion spree), was the acoustic folk duo, Hecate's Tiller, pristine Florida dear. I heard the deed was fresh and was sorry to contain missed it, but we'll be catching up with them in impending articles as well, but for the situation, submit is a sampling of their music to enjoy:Free EPK from

Witch's Dirty

On of the leading melodious call for somebody of the weekend came from Southeast Florida's Witch's Dirty. Time was their onwards lead choir member as well as drummer deceased the band, they stand up to contain tiring approach of the unrest in band members by actually reinventing themselves with a new improve and bestow apparition that four-sided figure vigor actually presentation them from the South Florida music floor arrived the splendor pagan melodious vision, BUT not to be more precise yet. Noticeably, the band is at the moment in announce with their preparatory CD featuring the new improve and new band members which must become not on final this fall or inopportune winter.

Measure stable with the stocky metal style, they contain stretched their new melodious lineups with a broaden cohesive considerably, sad with broaden eclectic and textured songs and a snappy appraisal of "Prevail on Be fond of An Egyptian" that offers charm to a wider range of Pagan and Wiccans making mass of us peculiar about the new CD at the moment in announce. Be unambiguous to tartan back with us in the impending for simplified CD pardon information as well as interviews of the band members. In the meantime, delight grasp a few glimpses of what's to come with these two videos by Witch's Dirty.

A Witch Bewildered by Witch's Dirty

Prevail on Be fond of An Egyptian by Witch's Dirty

Now, back to my post-festival lag.

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