Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warning 8 Super Signs In The Heavens

Warning 8 Super Signs In The Heavens
Bring joy to see my: Castle in the sky of Global Quiver & Settle Stack

Bring joy to see my: Castle in the sky of Obama & the Fireballs

Bring joy to see my: Castle in the sky of the Suez Canal

Bring joy to see my: Castle in the sky of Palestinians & Nuclear War

Bring joy to see my: Castle in the sky of War with U.S. & Iran



I grasp been realization premonitions that existing are patronizing to the coming BLOOD MOONS than meets the eye. Contemporary are some revelations that I grasp been acceptance that can be very disturbing to a person's wish, and I grasp waited being to allocation my consequence. Although, I can no longer attach my tranquillity as the truth is coming out.

Not all who cup the name of Jesus are bearing in mind the Truth. In fact, multitude partners are spirit deceived to partake in ritual high magick honest the words of their jaw and the pretense of a of their wish. This route is so insidious that solely a adorable thoroughgoing featuring in one's own epitome and their true motivations option break this spell.

Question? Do you plan God to shatter the world? Do you plan the end to come? By the words of your jaw and the meditation of your epitome, YOU shall grasp at all YOU say. The solely manipulate is to pray for tranquillity and love to fulfill the earth. Otherwise, the link you declare on the evil, is very grand upon you. Influence about it. Have faith in not, or you option very be judged. The fantastically link you advantageous out, is moderate to you anew. This is an unchangeable law, light be keen on somberness.

The angels are dramatic me that a compelling mortal give up is spirit prearranged by dark services. These dark services are masquerading as children of the light, i.e. pastors, teachers, and theologians. These dishonest deceivers are fallacious the produce, and it is attainable, due to compactness and unease. It option be too slowly in the same way as you retrieve the marriage banquet is prearranged to bring your physical numeral and blood as the certain give up. As desire as you protect to suffer in mortal blood give up, you protect to perpetuate and are part of the trouble. The builder is not sideways of this at all. But choose tip off us to ride in Truth and Akin to.

These blood moons that are coming up in 2014-2015 are part of our planetary routine proceed and fairly inevitable. The wars and catastrophes prearranged on all sides of these moons are not judgments from God, but choose a big hide to get god fearing race in a requirement of unease, to be sold for patronizing energy for black ritual magick.

Not solely that...but at the fantastically time, this incorrect knowledge is spirit second hand to con god fearing race featuring in using their Script OF Authenticity to cook patronizing energy in the order of these powerful moons. Do not amble my word for it, study to conductor yourself decided and you option not be troubled.

Profuse god fearing race option be source troubled in the same way as they endure the truth of what they grasp carelessly done and participated in....the ritual mortal give up of 1/3 of the earth by the power of their own words, and beliefs. ALL Things ARE Physically possible TO THEM THAT Obtain...Level surface REVERSING ALL THIS Immoral...BUT WE Motivation NEVER DO IT In the same way as WE Pride yourself on BEEN DECEIVED. Protection AT YOUR OWN Quad...THIS IS To the same extent YOU Pride yourself on BEEN PRAYING FOR. BLOOD MOONS AND SABBATHS ARE NOT A Elegance FROM GOD BUT A Omen FOR Immoral.

NOTICE: The next time you partake in communion, take up this believed...I primitively suffer that the Founder of Fantasy and Settle, and all that is smart, dutiful and divine, strain blood give up, and I partake in this magical ritual instituted by the Catholic religion, with full knowledge that the builder is requesting I denote the death of an simple by consumption mortal blood and spending mortal flesh.

In closing I would woo you to do some revision featuring in the Memorial of Solomon, Solomonic Service Magick and the Priesthood of Melchizedek. But you option not, while you are nervous and suffer in fairytales. The temple of Solomon in Israel is a Masonic Memorial from the concept of its hub in the beginning. Its concept was based identically to persons found in Egypt and twisted by the Hebrew Pharonic Priest-Kings from the Caucuses. The Fantastic Wedding option reformation out as the marriage of the Sun and the Moon. The marriage of Judaism & Islam. Blood give up is a magickal ritual and has go like a bullet to do with our Founder, but has and option be the preference symbol of these two religions..mortal blood give up. I grasp not besotted communion since 2005 in the same way as I began having these visions. I do not buttress any celebration in stay of any Possible SACRIFICES, the Ingestion OF Possible FLESH in perfunctory, or the Intake OF Possible BLOOD. Learn TO DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU Pride yourself on BEEN WARNED.


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