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Paul Foster Case And Enochian

Paul Foster Case And Enochian
Existing is a contemporary consideration in Blonde Set up circles on Open fire on, the BOTA, and Enochian, so I firm I'd post what I wrote on the commerce for my old Alert round about a see ago (which can also be found at

Various of you know that Paul Nurture Open fire on had a identifiable dislike and distrust of Enochian Magick, at length omitting every shell of it from the G.'.D.'. rituals and ceremonies that were adopted taking part in his own Alert. He raises some lush points, which I'd corresponding to think of with you about, but chief I'll attach a persona of two category he sent to Israel Regardie roughly speaking Enochian (and other aspects of the G.'.D.'. approach).

Piece 1

Piece 2

Now, let's break the elementary issues that Paul Nurture Open fire on raised on top of Enochian in his letters:

1. That it emanated so in total from Kelly

This is an arrant negotiate to doubt the actuality and service of a magickal approach. Firstly, far afield of the dark items we know of Kelley are rumours. Existing is no real government department or accounts that he was a coiner or a necromancer. Definitely, it seems that he prays firmly and with a lay off that is completely beaten by Dee (virtuous as he was), at the same time as some may disagreement that he tried to dupe Dee by pretending his passion. I assess utmost people who start out with this top display in the past condemned Kelley, and thereby the approach that was established level him. But let us reminisce, it was established level him, not by him. Definitely, it seems on so innumerable occasions that the angels did not corresponding Kelley one bit (and the atmosphere were shared). I assess it's innocuous to say that they hand-me-down him, mature his psychic skills. Definitely, it can neglectfully be argued that in order to be as open as he was, he would display to be open to derogatory forces also, and be extremely unstable and volatile. I assess his characteristics neglectfully attests to that.

2. That the tablets are part of a rigmarole by which Kelly surefire Dee that they were to be the puppet-masters of a new European supporter order which necessity supercede the kingdoms after that reigning

This was a traditional want available Europe, and I don't assess such an mundane want as this necessity be negotiate for dismissing the Enochian approach. Definitely, the diaries doing numberless gear somewhere it seems that the offers of state (for Dee) and coin (for Kelley) were attempts by the angels to take the parties prying, the same as they after that divulged the approach. This is unambiguously apparent with how Kelley is led round about in his unrelenting requests for the secret of alchemy.

I assess it's also unusual to describe how the English bested the Spanish Fleet at this tutorial (and rumour has it that Dee sent storms on top of the Spanish ships, derivative in their failure), at length toppling the Spanish nation. And what happened? England became the new widespread nation, to some extent due to Dee's navigational diplomacy and other items he did to aid the make happen of England. In that way, a new supporter order did come to power, converted by Dee, and most likely the angels lied about how far afield decree Dee would display exceptional it, or most likely he failed to avail of the Enochian Governors, who may perhaps display believably provided this marker of "puppet-mastery".

3. That the extraordinarily angel that dictated the Tablets also attractive that Kelly and Dee necessity display all items in traditional, in addition to their wives.

Origin, essential, who are we (sea humans) to furnish our moral codes about marriage and monogamy to the angels? They do not assess corresponding us, and commonly they do not understand in the smallest how we work. Tyson optional this expose may display been an cue of a marker of Gnostic coupling. Dead even if it was not, and it was Kelley's gloomy wants civil disobedience to fore, and even if he fabricated the angels supposed this, or most likely it was subconsciously risen, why is that negotiate to dismiss the rest of the material? To say that this is throwing out the descendant with the bathwater would be a tremendous irony. As well, what if the angels ended an unity with Kelley to allow him to doze with Dee's spouse in order to find out he continued with the work and concern of the approach (as soon as all, he threatened unendingly to disappear it in the early hours). Lone because they don't caution what they poverty to do to dawn on their aim doesn't make the approach a pretend, nor their figure as angels as halfhearted (it is completely our preconceptions that require angels to be "satisfactory").

4. That the entire reason came to the extraordinarily shameful end that is to be expected of possible actions based upon the promises of spirits

I'm not preset what "shameful end" Open fire on is referring to about, but this seems corresponding a joint disbelief of all spirits, manifesting to an immense in the Enochian approach. Let's reminisce that the Qabalistic angels had their origin wherever, communicating with someone not later than they became the accepted part of the Qabalistic approach. By all manner, we necessity be methodical of any promises inclined by spirits. We display discussed barred the propose of the Enochian angels, and it is clever to reminisce that all spirits display an propose. If you ask a Goetic spirit to do no matter which for you, they poverty no matter which in return. More to the point for the Enochian angels. We requirement be extremely exact with this. Again, however, if Kelley threatened to peter out the communications not later than their natural end, the angels may display been border on to make happen him any want, no commerce what "shameful end" that may display come to.

5. That there is no good negotiate to think of that Kelly and Dee, or their purpose, to say nothing of their magic, fitting to no matter what Rosicrucian.

I beg to differ, and I assess [the Figurine of my old Alert] has sated wealth of information that suggests that Dee may display been the founder of Rosicrucianism. It cannot be proven, of course, but visualize if it was - that would display inclined Open fire on a run for his money. Exceedingly, so what if Enochian has nothing to do with Rosicrucianism - that doesn't perfunctorily prevent its use. Definitely, there is an evident pointlessness on behalf of Open fire on about the actuality of his own work about (as instinctive reasonably Rosicrucian, and after that that Rosicrucianism is the altitude of all meaningful wisdom). In innumerable gear we may perhaps say that the Tarot doesn't really display far afield to do with Rosicrucianism (it doesn't heart in the Fama, etc., corresponding the Qabalah does), and Open fire on uses this plentifully.

6. That I display intimate knowledge of boss than twenty-five instances somewhere the decree of magical operations based on Alert formulae led to violent rotting of understanding or body.

Origin, essential, most likely this is a interrogate with how the G.'.D.'. uses Enochian, not Enochian itself. Excluding, we know that Enochian is important, and it does upshot in complaint. [The Figurine of my old Alert] and I, at the very smallest, display had violent bouts of illness as a give instructions upshot of the noble press and extremity of the energy raised participating in Enochian moving parts. It's powerful - that's how it works. And if we're not exact, it can rip us inaccessible. This is why we discern a prepared approach, that takes taking part in consideration innumerable safety and trust dealings. I assess it's chief to also project out that you can get very ill with advanced Qabalistic moving parts too. The completely real contrast is that it happens boss neglectfully with Enochian (due to the tranquil of in receipt of it to work in the chief place, and its close by routinely volatile figure). Definitely, I glide that the approach completely be hand-me-down when it really has to (commonly we can find a creature way [a less volatile way] to do the extraordinarily time). Passing through Enochian magick when the Qabalah would do, for manifestation, is corresponding manner of speaking 1,000 volts for a job that requires 100 (Open fire on uses the parable of burning down a motherland to roast a pig in his instant piece of land).

Greatest of Case's other affront is of the Blonde Set up and its leaders, not Enochian itself. Of course, we know that they did not display seep into to the entire approach, nor do, steady, we. Excluding, we are in a far afield crash place than them, with crash seep into to not completely the sourceworks of Enochian, but citizens of the Qabalah and Adherence Magick in joint. Given this, I assess we are in crash top to flee the mistakes they ended, but I so far discern a tremendous climb over of precision when it comes to using the Enochian approach, and I cannot stress this project enough.