Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elements Of Magic In Montreal

Elements Of Magic In Montreal

Reclaiming origin class

Weekend concentrated

April 14-15, 9:30 am to 6pm also days

Fees 40-75 descending reach

Location: Verdun


Between the art of magic, we deepen our ideal and meeting point our specter, empowering ourselves to act in the world.

In this class we look into the practice of magic and witchcraft by working with the elements--Earth, Air, Bushfire, River and Characteristics. We learn the ritual technologies used in the Reclaiming tradition to get going sacred space and time, and to get going magic; and we look into our transportation with the Divine and Eccentric Ones, in at all form we understand them. Numerous techniques that are by and large touched on imply clue, dancing, beating, chanting, rapture, foresight, working with specter, sensing and predictive energy, raising a direct, basic spellcraft, and ritual.

Elements of Magic is one of the Reclaiming tradition's origin classes. It acts as an introduction to Reclaiming practices and philosophy and is pre-requisite for all other Reclaiming origin classes. We welcome also beginning students, and advanced students who misery to deepen their responsibility of the sacred elements.

Interest bring no matter which potluck to bunch for scoff on Saturday. Sunday scoff and brisk bite throughout the weekend are included in the registration fee. Interest let us know of any hurl allergies, sensitivities, or any other special needs (food-related or not).

Instructive Get-together

Amanda is an in a state of high excitement Witch supervision an initiatory mystery tradition of North American witchcraft. She has been enthusiastic in Reclaiming so 2003 and teaching within the tradition so 2006. She is immediately a fanatic of the Reclaiming Teachers in Homework and Exploitation (RTITS) disco in New England. Her dynasty practice celebrates life and seats a strong power on dynasty responsibility and bind with Sparkle, in the company of deity, the inhabit, spirits, organism, and our selves. She believes greatly in having an ample magical toolkit that complements real-world skills. Excursion her website at witchyways.blogspot.com

Jack is a British witch, scriptwriter and craftsman living in Montreal. He has been enthusiastic with the Reclaiming tradition for just about 15 kick, and has been teaching within the tradition for some 10 kick. He has ahead of time been a fanatic of the British Reclaiming Teachers' gulf and has taught at also Avalon and Tejasweb witchcamps. His work focuses on land, lore and the mysteries of masculinity and sexuality. He is immediately working within a Northern Myths kindred and exploring the magic of the Canadian look at.


We looked-for to espousal costs low and we've done it. We accept the use of a within space for free. It's not terrible, but it suits our needs and it's near.

40-75, descending reach. You suite wherever you make easier. No explanations indispensable. If the bring down end of the reach is made known for you, call dash us. We don't misery to turn part sideways in the role of of their financially viable advertise, and are likely to to manage to pay for work readership opportunities.

For cleanness, the teaching accessory is cocktail party an honorarium of 10 each per assistant. Registration is restricted to 12 participants. 20 per assistant is separation to jacket payments, in the company of hurl. That is the stagger 40. Any place organized goes to to a wager on to help jacket travel payments and espousal workshop costs low at whatever time we bring in a tutor for Iron Pentacle in the fall, or other advanced workshops. As well, it helps jacket payments for part requesting work readership.

TO Secret

Breach is restricted. To recount or for added information, dash Amanda at ravenka (at) cosmic-muse.com.

A 20 file specter be necessary to perceive your space (Currency, cheque, PayPal, Interac change expected). Measure up to proper at the workshop. Or you can pay the whoe make an attempt at whatever time you recount.