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WORKING: Portal Ditch
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 13:25:27 GMT

Portal Ditch Celebration
by Augoras

A fitting invocation of Naveh with the heart of line a
magickal shove to aid in the pursuit of locksmithing.

0. Reachable Revenue of Kamil

The altar is locate with covered switchblade, lock picks, bind.
Featuring in the opening of the ritual the magician visualizes a entrance w/ an wrong side up pentagram (or other favorite symbol) on its obscure. The magician's kindness gives a self-confident opening throw, but it's not until the word "Kamil" that the entrance is steeply short of open all the way.
Featuring in the incantantion the magician has unsheathed the switchblade, holding every the switchblade & casing. At the word "Kamil" the
magician strikes the switchblade opposed to the metal of the casing to make an definite >click