Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi And Welcome To The Forums

Hi And Welcome To The Forums
Have you checked out the Witches' Voice yet? It's probably the best networking site around. You can find listings for Florida for individuals, groups, shops and events at gra.html There is a Dianic Wiccan group in Kississimmee, and a number of different groups in Orlando. There's also a listing for a shop in Saint Cloud that offers networking and classes. You can find their listing at detail/dt sh.html?a=usfl&id=7126 Orlando also has a Pagan picnic to help people network every month detail/dt ev.html?a=usfl&id=18884

Another website to check out is Put in your zipcode and Wicca or Pagan to see if there are any meetups in your area.

You might also want to check out the Florida Pagans group here on WT:

Are you looking for any particular Wiccan Tradition or just something eclectic? If you're interested in British Traditional Wicca let me know and I'll get you some contact information.