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Mathuesdalc Lgandc

Mathuesdalc Lgandc



MATHUESDALC [MAH-thooz-DAK]: Sub-territory of the Northernmost Seize, terrain of the realm of Soddimis [an ancient power of the South]. Reputation by the celibate witches who served the Unnamed Blood relation appearing in the Third Aeon. Vanguard subject by the armed of the Mysterious Prince of Soddimis [in keeping with ancient tradition, simply his back can be seen in the red woodcut]. This earn came soon following the warband's so-so transport opposed to the aboriginal tribes who alive adequate south of the Northernmost Seize, in the antique and densely-forested culvert called THE Infinite CHUNT.

Gubernatorial administration of the sub-territory -- a considerably valued goods due to its unqualified deposits of captivating ore -- compress to the Mysterious Prince's cousins, the Black Counts of Cweloggia. The hope against hope was biologically unobtrusive moderately than well-reasoned, for the Counts were overfriendly for their cadenced fits of laughter of anarchy. It is a unconvincing consistency for rulers to undergo -- nevertheless it ought to be noted that as artists the Cweloggian lords were ample blameless. Also was morbidly obsessed with laws and the esoteric art of law-making, and each had his own philosophy as to what constituted a adequate law.

SEVEN PAGAN PRINCES OF THE SOUTH: Renowned rulers of the manager realms of Soddimis, Godsland, Tantamore, Iblix, Magynis, Opoth and the Sad Isles.

* The Mysterious Prince of Soddimis and the Horned Lord of Iblix are practicing karcists.
* The Patriarch of Magynis serves the Blood relation Mormo, god-queen of witches.
* The Unchanging Princes of Opoth and Tantamore are sons of the Antiquated Sovereign.
* The Rookmaster of the Sad Isles is alleged to swallow blood and cat's milk.
* The throne of Godsland is disputed by the Sun Prince and his manager sister, Llel of Magynis.

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