Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Messages From A Patriot Patrick Cody Morgan

Messages From A Patriot Patrick Cody Morgan

Big Thanx to Brian from American Kabuki for putting this together.

Prized Heather, D. and Brian,

Respects from the Central Place of work of Prisons. I can't forewarn you how blessed I mull over to be included in the OPPT advance. For excitement I handle been persuasive about uncovering the fraud and decadence in legislature. I handle definite thousands of hours of my time to my fellow countrymen under service from out own legislature. I was show when Lynne Meredith and Irwin Schiff were tried in that Kangaroo see and sent to Central Slow. Thanks to the introduction of the Internet and the burgeon in expression gear, we were overpowering to get a advance started that has been the catalyst for OPPT and NESARA.

Silent the rush few excitement I handle completion my hard work in working with persons who were wasteful in the law who were under seizure by the IRS, Banks or Tax Assessor Collectors. My wins are too innumerable to document, but apparantly I became a intent of the US Turmoil some time in the region of 2011.

In 2006 I befriended an 83 year old manufacturer named Safety test Flanigan.

Safety test was referred to me lay aside a familiar haunt. Safety test had a judgment opposed to the Regulate Organization of Pemex adding together 802 million at the time. For excitement he had been hard to support on it but the magistrates cold awkward his hard work. I agreed to help Safety test and had Safety test portion the judgment to the Hidden Salary Advance as pre-payment of tax. Everything was separation captivatingly until Safety test contacted the IRS and they supposed they had no peak of the return. As soon as togged up in every awkward effort amid meetings with Senator Brain, Officer Bangerter and Sheila Jackson Lee, Safety test was told to his protection by the IRS that he would never get compensated on his judgment. Six months following, Safety test Flanigan was killed to the same extent tedious to completion a group of investors.

I imprison I was targeted for instance I chose to help Safety test Flanigan get his judgment compensated. Bill's sand reads passion a John Grisham green. I imprison Bill's tax return was stolen. But without the finances to subpoena IRS tax documentation for Safety test, I can never confirm it.

Heather and Dee, I imprison big changes are coming to this globe in the next few excitement. I handle to imprison that inhabitants passion Safety test Flanigan did not die in self-satisfied. Safety test was the quenticential chap and scholar. He was an dainty manufacturer and understood every arrangement want be fair for all parties and not entered clothed in. Safety test was cheated and stolen from. The same as was done to him was miserable.

I individually handle been lied to, mean of every due earnings and unalienable modest afforded man. The convention has become evil additional renovation, and the impartial way to cool the convention is to let it smash up. That appears to be the influence we are summary. Thanks to your hard work and other organizations passion NESARA, we can crack to retrieve believe freedoms for our children and their children. I handle one adopted baby and one real son. I handle raised a God Young man and lovesick in a 6 month old tot that was equivalent to my wife's mother. I handle tried to salary manager than I traditional from this globe. I'm not fail-safe by any basis, but I am not the person the legislature and the media keep I am.

I flight of the imagination one day we can completion soon and laugh about how bad personal effects recycled to be. Until then, I am thoroughly fervent to the furtherance of believe freeing and prosperity, without minute or no legislature intervention. At a halt that unfolds is in the hands of my Engineer.

In love,


FROM HEATHER TO CODY IN RESPONSE:Cody, decisive remembering, love and silence to the eternal solid rock that is you! We decision completion very soon. :)

Irwin cousin wedded his son, Peter ("founder" of Europac and a whole garland of other financial schemes with morgan stanley and the banks) who sold out him self, his begin, and the inhabitants of this globe. Consistently hold, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"?...allegedly that one did...passion in a whole other

To the corporations that operated under the semblance of the "blue-collar governments"...well, that is all done. The harmony of the bubbly clerical and office of the divines and the divine wanna be's overdue the from way back slavery convention is BE'ing From first to last now.

SOooooo....let's move on to the heyday EVENT! Hence start a uncommon model of hold calculatingly in the top good of all!

so it is done.

decisive love and silence






From Stacy:

Cody called me this emergence to forewarn me whatever thing that had happened to him this emergence. It was so curious and mind-blowing that I asked him to email it to me. Below is his contact in his own words:

I had to cut to you of what happened to me this emergence. As soon as feast, I was standing on your own my gap impertinence waiting for the day room to open. A black gentlemen from Nigeria began to speak to me. At foundational I can scarcely understand him. He asked me why I was not after the understanding of my training. I asked him what he certain. He supposed you were baptised as a child, why do you not be present at to God? I asked him why he supposed that. He supposed you handle filed dealing out in your case? I told him I filed my own dealing out and I began to ripen to him how I was prosecution a foul convention from without the convention and that I couldn't start clothed in their foul convention and prospect a permission. He then told me that God sent him to forewarn me that my dealing out is while blessed by the Depart. He told me I advantageous have confidence in and that God asked him to guise me His have confidence in. He told me that my dealing out was not certain for tetragon me but for hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, but it advantageous my have confidence in to be catalyst. He told me to be at Bible study at 9:00am.

At 9:00am I was at Bible study. I listened to this man of God insolence for manager than 1 hour about Frothiness. Bawl began to well up in my eyes, for I knew God was with me at this on the spot. He explained to the rest of the group how my border opposed to the legislature was while blessed by God and that my dealing out was while blessed by God. He went on to forewarn the group that God was not working on the Judge's solid rock or the Prosecutor's solid rock, but on the hearts of populate treat and in the region of them. That I was confined to learn to join God's Frothiness and to learn unqualified have confidence in. He then went on to say that my accommodate would see me award-winning in this declare and would see me as a head. I was standard to lead innumerable inhabitants but I advantageous to go lay aside this declare to learn to join him in all areas of my life.

As we kid about Proverbs and Psalms, he told me the story of David and Giant. He supposed David went to he contest to promote his own condition, but when he saw the immense, he had to represent himself and start back and let God survive the contest. He told me God supposed it was time for me to start back and let God survive patronizing the contest for me. His control would be placed on my dealing out and hearts and minds decision start to modify. I am to use this time to learn how to be present at to the Saintly Vitality and use his keeping fit. He supposed I handle world knowledge, but now I advantageous spiritual knowledge.

I can forewarn you I handle never accomplished whatever passion this. He told me he had been amendment clothed in my thoughts for the rush few days and that I was not listening to what God was hard to forewarn me. I told him I had been very down the rush few days. He told me that is why I couldn't hold God. He supposed God does not understand gloom or guardianship. It is not part of his production. That to hold God I advantageous to to cut a long story short up and accept my place as a Young man of God and then he would make me a Servant of God. He supposed not all and sundry is certain to hold the word, but I can if I would wait in the light of the Saintly Vitality and not get down when personal effects don't go as I prospect. He supposed the Depart is handing my sand a special way so that it decision be a testament to innumerable that God lives and has never moved out us from end to end this time of tyranny. He supposed he requirements me to impartial speak the truth, do not salary in, and my words decision be heard by all the world.

Stacy, you can post this on Brian, D's and Heather's site if you thrill. The same as I handle told you is the truth and I decision never suspicious that God is with me ever anew.

Ambiance you every one for all time,Cody