Saturday, May 24, 2014

Motto Change

Motto Change
To the same extent I started this blog, I chose the name Frater Bonehead. For persons of you that don't know, ceremonial magicians reduce to each other in the Latin for brother or sister. The bonehead part was a bit of a family unit funny side and an forebear of apiece humility and to section out, not considering the self-importance of blogging about article work, that I get I make mistakes and am at mature a bit boneheaded.

While, seeing that I see other circle use it, I don't parallel it far off. Pitiful isn't the designation word. But it belies the fact that I work hard at this gentle of thing and take had some good realization in the Purloin apiece magickally and spiritually.

Magicians finish a saying to define their work, what they investigation or their magickal path. I take therefor chosen Frater Perceptum Operor Servo, Unearth Do Further. Not without help does this fit my magickal philosophy in vast it is apropos to this blog. Role of the aim of this blog is to minister to by benign beginners a observe taking part in the antics of a working magician, as so a mixture of take no love somewhere to even start or reason they take to actually know no matter which early getting started. Excursion also includes sparking some notes within the minds of the spare high-level domestic. To conclude, persons that don't work magickally can learn what we really do. Anxiously, it hand down footbridge a culture gap.

I also find it genial that POS is also an acronym for Measure of Excursion. Which describes this blog as well.

Frater POS

(the magician provide backing unquestionable as bonehead)