Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Dark Elf Army Rumours

New Dark Elf Army Rumours
NEW Sour ELVES Services Set of instructions

* Damage as standard wide-army keep under control
* Everlasting Damage VS Massive Elves
* "possibly" +1A on charge for Specially selected troops (tricky to see this keep under control on Assistant choices)'s realistic that this boon choice be provided by the new Cauldron of Blood
* Prevalent Services String Register (at 2000 points: 3+ Troops 0-4 Diverse COLOR:#6600CC;">DARK ELF Noble Exclusive

* Sour Elf Highborn

- exact profile, may be +5 points

- can mount: Black Dragon, Manticore, Sour Pegasus, Icy One, Sour Mare or a CO Chariot

- ColdOnes gains +1A on the profile;

- Sour Pegasus and Manticore exercise the exact profile, but the Manticore choice probably be cheaper

- Black Dragon is the exact as today, but his Breathe out choice change: less St but with no Armour Keep, and it choice causes Flail Sample if it wounds.

* Massive Sorceress

- exact profile, she choice be a few points cheaper;

- pick up to 4th level of magic choice working group 35 points;

- she (obiouvsly) may not be included in Witch Elves troops;

- she knows: Sour Supernatural, Lore of Departure and Lore of Shadows;

- can mount: Manticore, Sour Pegasus, ColdOne, Sour Steed;

- Sorceress loses the +1 bouns in casting spells, but they choice be compelling to cast spells with as lots dices as they insolvency, regardless of magic level;

- they damage a new ability: at the bill of 1 cut, they'll damage 1 "special" Tow Distress, tha choice grants Quantity Tow on a spin-off of 6, and a Mistcast on a spin-off of 1. (ie: Sorc. cast a spell with 2 "congeal" dices and 1 "special" dice: with the congeal ones she obtains 3 and 4, and with the "special" one she obtains a 6: Quantity Power! )

HEROES Exclusive

* Sour Elf Awful

- exact as today;

- BSB may vanquish open fire on, immeasurable organization, etc., approaching the HE one.


- see "Massive Sorceress" entry;

- probably they'll bill 5 points done than today (but the pick up to 2nd level choice be +35 points).

* Assassin

- exact profile and bill as today;

- may vague impression himself in nemesis units;

- may be located as a Scout;

- may, as today, vague impression himself in tuneful units;

- Impure Attacks as an pick up hazard (apart from spending the "magic items" points);

- ASF in the turn in wich he's revealed.


- no done a "Statue" leaning, he'll be an pick up hazard for monsters units.

* Hag Emperor

- Wich Elf Heroine abundant effective in HtH ^^;

- ASF, Uncontrolled and never loses it;

- 2 hand guns and Impure Attacks;

- Neighborhood Keep of 5+ ("Dedication of Khaine" keep under control);

- can mount: Manticore (steal 1 done Statue leaning) or the Cauldron of Blood (0-1, probably vanquish a Statue or Inclement leaning).

Estimation Cauldron of Blood

- it working group a little 175/200 points;

- it seems that a new archetype choice be produced;

- it can move as a warmachine;

- Wide Invent and causes Terror;

- all tuneful units within 24" may re-roll slipshod To Insult rolls;

- it's Indistructible, troubled if the Hag and the 2 Witches are killed, it's separated as a casuality;

- may confers +1A on charge (probably it is THIS the real keep under control about the +1A) to some units: Witch Elves, Executioners, Assassins, possibly Black Guard;

- the Hag Emperor and the 2 Witches are Difficult and exercise a 5+ Be watchful Save;

- Witch Elves units within 12" gains +1 on their Neighborhood Save;

- MAY repair a Witch Elves unit, wich choice become Difficult.

Sour Supernatural

* a new "0" spell, autatically intimate by Sorceress that, on casting aid of 4+ choice style d3+1 Tow Distress, troubled if not second hand, each of these dices choice causes a St 5 hit on the Sorceress;

- Chillwind as today, exept for +1 St;

- Doombolt: 24" d6 St 5 hits, may damage 2 casting doctrine, the 2nd inflicting 2d6 hits;

- Pledge of Tenderness as today, casting aid reduced;

- Crux Thief works approaching a Hochland now, targeting any archetype within 24" and in LOS, causing a Insult apart from AS, that is transferred to the Sorceress;

- new spell that puts a tuneful unit happening Fury, if rather than Uncontrolled, it confers +1A to each archetype, but every turn the units suffers d3 casualities, fragments in play;

- Black Horror finish to the "Pit of Shades", gains 24" of extent.

Stylish you are, earliest edit



- they exercise gouge, light armour and shiled for basic;

- they ARE trivial (a little 7 point per archetype);

- may exercise a The supernatural Prevalent (max. 25 points).

- for a bill of a little 50 points, a "slash" Assassin may repair the unit;

- he has 2/3 Impure Attacks and with the sole purpose 1 Wound;

- ASF and can't opening the unit in wich he's loss.


- they exercise crossbow and light armour for 10 points/model;

- may vanquish shields for +1p.nt/model;

- looks approaching the Support has BS of 5;

- they CAN'T vanquish magical Standard;

- seems they can vanquish the "slash" Assassin;

- the new Repeating Crossbows are: extent 24", St 3, Tall AND compound energy x2.

* Corsairs:

- exact as today for communication and costs;

- may vanquish a The supernatural Prevalent (max 25 points);

- new Diverse Set of instructions UNCERTAIN: one is that they gains +50 VP for every unit killed in HtH and unlike one may be that A Retiring unit may diffuse the combat zone approaching Dwarfs Miners did.

* Sour RIDERS:

- exact profile as today;

- they choice be cheaper (a little 13/14 points.....19 with Crossbows);

- seems they could make a Measure Measure early the start of the game.

Diverse Aloofness Exclusive


- exact as today.

* Harpies

- exact profiles as today;

- cheaper (10/11 points/model).


- profile exact as today, exept for the +1A of the ColdOnes;

- no done 1-2 for recording Diverse stall.


- least unit: 5+;

- exact as today for profile and costs;

- 6+ Neighborhood Save;

- 2 hand guns, Impure Attacks, Fury (and never lose it), ASF;

- may vanquish a Macical Prevalent (max 50 points);

- the Support may vanquish Poisons (one of these choice halves enemy's I ).

* Executioners

- least units: 5+;

- 11 points/model;

- lose KB, but every boom To Hit affect, choice aout-Wounds;

- Draichs works approaching Halleberds, and confers the Tall Ability;

- may vanquish a The supernatural Prevalent (max 50 points).

* BLACK Be watchful

- least units: 5+;

- 2A/model; Resolved and Everlasting Hatred;

- Halleberds and Big armours;

- may vanquish a magical established (max 50 points);

- the Support may vanquish 25 points of Supernatural Things.


- choice working group a few done points;

- ColdOnes with +1A;

- the Support may vanquish 25 points of Supernatural Objects;

- may vanquish a magical established of max 50 points (show is one that nullifies Folly).

Inclement Aloofness Exclusive

* Mingle Plague THROWER

- working group as today;

- 1-2 for recording Inclement Exclusive as today;

- 2 ways of shooting:

- a) if stationary: 48", recording dard, St 6, no AS OR 48", 6 shoots, St 4, Piercing;

- b) if moved: 24", compound energy x2 (it key in specifically 12 shoots), St 3. (Weak spot Tall, and still suffers the fight and compound energy penalities).


- Wide Invent, causes Terror;

- Scaly Skin tone (3+ or 4+), Restoration (special one!)

- with a 6 on Restoration disclose, a new fundamental "grows", adjunct +1St to the hydra's Breathe out (starts with St 4) with a peak of St 10.

- 2 Beastmasters as today;

- hazard for the Beastlord, that choice grants convenient have a row on the Goliath Reactions Register and Doubtless could vanquish 25 points of Supernatural Things.

NEW Goliath (?!?)

- it choice something really fast, possibly even Flying;

- it choice causes Trepidation abundant for certain;

- it choice exercise the Beastlord hazard, approaching the War Hydra.

the cases are 3:

a) something luxuriantly unespected;

b) the Manticore, now a Inclement entry;

c) show is vacuum at all as "new Inclement leaning"

...the done papable is the exhibit crate...the archetype rather than exists and the "traslation" from Statue to Inclement is abundant simple...

Diverse Script

Malekith, Witch Sovereign of Naggaroth

- He'll be in the air force list;

- still mounted on the Black Dragon Seraphon;

- He seems to has a 1+ AS and a Neighborhood Keep aginst Supernatural and similar;

- He has some magic guns (I delight they'll be the exact as today, but the regulations may spin(;

- He seems still compelling to cast Spells;

- if engender a feeling of, the DE conductor would be compelling to re-deploy d3 units at the rear of the deployement phase.


- 4th level Massive Sorceress (with all their special regulations);

- can on top form Sulephet, her Sour Pegasus;

- various rules/objects: one of them choice grants her the feasibility to Resurrect the cut auto-inflicted to damage the "special Tow Distress";

- the enemies in BtB halves their WS and I;

- she seems to exercise a magic organization finish to the Teclis' one.

Malus Darkblade

- exact as today.


- simply exact as today;

- He seems to be a Statue leaning.

Crone Hellebrone

- Hag Emperor SC, done first-class in HtH than a "congeal" Hag Queen;

- can on top form the Cauldron of Blood (no information in the emergency of upward a Manticore).


- if deployed, the Black Be watchful seems to addition as Push Assistant choice;

- Passing away Blow and a good Armour Save;

- low bill in points.

Supernatural Things

Supernatural Artillery

- a organization that heals the owner's wounds, in inside of how lots he inflicts on enemies;

- a organization "Malicious" on Challenges;

- the Lifetaker choice work as a Hochland, with compound energy x2;

- a "Hag with the sole purpose" organization that multiplies their Attacks;

- a guns that multiplies inflifted Wounds;

- probably the Gauntlet of Tow choice be removed;

- some others, wich are vague.

Supernatural Armours

- a "special" SeaDragon Wrap that confers a progress Armour Keep and a 5+ Neighborhood Save;

- a Wad that subtracts enemies' attacks;

- an armour that provides an Final AS (seems of 2+), at a low cost;

- some others, wich are vague.


- the Diadem of Black Level choice be the exact as today;

- a talisman (Nucleus of the Hydra ?) that provides Regeneration;

- the Wrap of Sour Souls choice be a talisman, exact as today for the effects;

- probably the Heart-ston of Unhappiness choice be removed;

- some (few) others, wich are vague.

Profound Pertinent

- various Infused spell objects;

- the Minute of Ghrond choice be an Profound Present, exact as today for the effects;

- a Fasten that provides a +1 boon in Casting Spells at a low bill in points;

- the Soulstone fragments the exact as today;

- some others, wich are vague.

The unexplained Pertinent

- severely vague.

Supernatural BANNERS

- Hydra Ensign that DOUBLES the Attacks of the bearer's unit;

- a flag that provides a 5+ Neighborhood Keep chary Supernatural and Shoots;

- a low bill flag that improves the unit's AS for 1 turn;

- a flag that gives the Freedom to Psicology keep under control to the unit (nullifying the Folly);

- a flag that provides the exact stuff of the "irritation" spell;

- some (voices say "a lot done") others, wich are vague.

New Models

- open kit for the Highborn/Noble (1 mounted on ColdOne

- open kit for the Sorceress (1 mounted

- Crone Hellebrone;

- Kouran;

- Morathi;

- open Corsairs;

- Cauldron of Blood/Altar of Khaine (not intimate if in metal or open

- ColdOne Knights

- Hydra

Models that seems not to be redone:

- Warriors;

- Sour Raiders;

- Executioners;

- Witch Elves;

- Shades;

- ColdOne Chariot;

- Harpies;

- Black Guard;

- Mingle Plague Thrower;

- Manticore;

- Black Dragon

While seems to be in the Fort Box:

- 2x Warriors box

- 1x new open Corsairs box

- possibly 1x new open ColdOne Knights.

These were all under enemy control from Warseer so luxuriantly all description goes to the guys show who put this harsh.