Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Four Episode 17 Because The Night

The Vampire Diaries Season Four Episode 17 Because The Night
This episode begins with a flashback to NYC 1977, with Damon pretending to be dead on the streets to lure a human couple in so that he can kill them. Apparently, the city is flush with talk of a serial killer and one of the victims believes that Damon is the Son of Sam. In the present day, Elena is complaining to Damon that he dragged her to NYC because he was feeling nostalgic but Damon counters and says that he brought her there because in three days they might have to piss off everyone they know. Damon assures Elena that they are there to have fun and feed at will.

Damon gets on the phone with Stefan and explains to him that he and Elena are in NYC, but what Elena does not realise is that they are actually there to hunt for the cure. He then tells Stefan that Will, the vampire, who Katherine sent after Hayley, used to get vampires fake I.D. and that he is sure that Katherine was a client of his. Stefan is not convinced by this plan and reminds Damon that Elena wants to live the vampire high life. Damon says that he is hoping that Elena will be so wasted on booze and blood that she will not give serious thought into what they are doing. Stefan tells Damon not underestimate Elena and reminds Damon that she is ruthless without her humanity. Elena approaches with a smile, so Damon gets off the phone telling Stefan to hold down the fort in Mystic Falls, and reminds him that he has an immortal named Silas to deal with.

Caroline has put herself on clean up duty at the Salvatore house when Klaus shows up. Caroline asks, "shouldnt you but out chasing Tyler to the ends of the earth, or are there some hopes and dreams you still have to crush?" Klaus asks where Tyler is and Caroline responds that Tyler is gone for good and that Tyler gave Matt the deed to the house. Klaus then reminds Caroline that Tyler made it is lifes mission to kill him. Caroline tells him to go away and Stefan interrupts saying that he asked Klaus to be there because he believes that Silas is in Mystic Falls.

Silas is instructing Bonnie but she is not being compliant, even when he tells her to trust him. Bonnie asks, "how can I trust you, when you wont show me your real face? Dont you think that its a little creepy that youre appearing as my dead professor?" Silas says that he is trying to earn her trust and then reminds her that she invited him into her home. He asks why she lied to her friends and then convinced her father that she needed professor Shanes help to control her magic. Bonnie says that he is in her head and that he is making her see things and do things. Silas responds saying that while he is strong, Bonnie is a witch, which means he cannot force her to do things she does not want to do. He then reminds Bonnie that she promised to protect Jeremy and that she is descended from one of the most powerful witches of all time. When Bonnie says that getting rid of the other side means killing 12 people, Silas says that she can bring those people back and that only she is capable of doing this.

When Klaus learns that some blood went missing from a few hospitals, he suggests that Elena is the culprit. Stefan assures him that it is not Elena. Klaus then asks if it is indeed Silas, he is unsure how this effects him. Stefan says that Silas wants to die and be reunited with his one true love but if he takes the cure and dies he gets stuck on the other side, but if he destroys the other side and then dies, he will be able to pass on and be with his one true love. The catch of course is that everyone over there will return and Caroline asks how many of the people on the other side owe their deaths to Klaus. This gets Klaus interest and he asks about the ritual. Stefan tells him that Silas only needs one more massacre and that they need to find him.

Elena and Damon walk into a bar and she is not impressed and says that she was promised hedonism. Damon promises Elena that things will liven up once the sun goes down and says that he knows this because this is where he spent most of the seventies. We get a flashback to Damon dropping off IDs. Apparently, the deal is that Damon kills people and hands Will the ID and in exchange he gets to feed in the club. A fight breaks out and Damon attempts to feed off of one of the men, but Lexy stops him and says that he is getting sloppy. Just as Damon finishes this story, Rebekah slams his head down on the table. Rebekah says that she is hurt and that she thought that they made a good team. Elena asks what is going on, and Rebekah tells her that Damon is following a lead to the cure and that consequently, she is following him. Elena is shocked and Damon lies and says that he drove there to feed.