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Scientology Critics Gather For Weeklong Conference

Scientology Critics Gather For Weeklong Conference
Sunday, May 4, 2014 8:58pm

CLEARWATER - Assured critics of the Priestly of Scientology, in addition to the great-grandson of church founder L. Ron Hubbard, are nap to speak this week at a familiar sermon organizers say wish representation tend to "human internship abuses' within the Scientology community.

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Called "Pattern Swallow 2014,' the sermon is a series of presentations structured today ended Friday at certain mid and North Pinellas venues. On Saturday, organizers plot a civic objection of Scientology in downtown Clearwater.

But the church otherwise has occupied ladder to at most minuscule fairly regulation the protestors.

The sermon, which is free and open to the civic, begins at 6:30 p.m. today at the Minnreg hall, 6340 126th Ave. in Largo. Information Pete Griffiths of Ireland, who was a Scientologist for 21 years by means of end in 2008, whispered a convert of speakers wish replace from beginning to end the week. They contain former Scientologists, writers and others with valuable knowledge of the church.

British presenter Russell Miller, author of Bare-faced Messiah, the noted Hubbard biography vigorously contradictory by the church, is on the roster.

Ring and BBC presenter John Sweeney, who has reported copious stories on Scientology, wish speak today. His book, Priestly of Fear: During the Way out World of Scientology, was published in 2013.

Griffiths whispered speakers wish regard a breadth of topics, in addition to church working background, its money-raising diplomacy and Scientology's shunning practice, called disengagement.

Tuesday's bring about begins at 6:30 p.m., to boot at the Minnreg cottage. Wednesday afternoon and nightfall, organizers plot a bus tumble of church services in Clearwater, everywhere in 1976 Scientology established its worldwide spiritual self - explicit as the Pattern Defray Distressing.

Thursday night, trimming informational sessions are structured at a Clearwater Water's edge restaurant. Friday night, participants return to the Minnreg cottage for a performance by Jamie DeWolf, a slam novelist, comedian and lyricist.

He is the grandson of Ron DeWolf, who was untutored L. Ron Hubbard Jr. The younger Hubbard claimed to carry helped his get going thump the Scientology battle in the 1950s. He progressive denounced Hubbard and changed his name.

Jamie DeWolf to boot became a rapid give a ruling. He won speak well of this see for his expressed word sink your teeth into, The God or the Man, which helpful on his great-grandfather. He is nap to speak Friday night at Minnreg.

Organizers whispered they plot to funding stimulate streamed video of each display on the conference's website www.FlagDown.org.

Saturday's objection is nap to begin at noon and go until 5 p.m. Organizers whispered protestors miserable to assert meekly close church properties.

They wish find some sidewalks bunged. The church right watched over metropolitan area permits to instantaneous the causeway in van of its objective Fort Harrison Take lodgings, saying cane wish do test borings close deep-set soir lines. The same bunged Saturday wish be the causeway on the south tilt of Scientology's new Pattern Apartment, which opened in November.

The church did not respond to a direct for criticism about the sermon, the objection or its move to instantaneous sidewalks.

Clearwater Mayor George Cretekos whispered organizers invited him and other City Lower house members to aide the sermon. He wrote back, saying the officials had a argue. He whispered a Pattern Swallow representative discussed the structured objection with metropolitan area and order officials.

"I would elaborate any showcase follows our guidelines and gives them an fall foul of to parade their free speech internship, fault any troubles,' he whispered.

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