Thursday, October 1, 2009

Divine Magic Messages

Divine Magic Messages Cover The divine has told me things in the past, they were quite true. I've also been told things that didn't happen at all.

It got me to wondering. Are all the talks that I have with the Goddess real? Does the God truly lend a hand in my visions? Or am I just guessing and good at it?

So I sat in the woods and I spoke directly to her. The answer I got made sense to me, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Basically Melissa (she said), sometimes you are not supposed to know and other times I tell you what you want or need to hear.

Sometimes the future will become extremely altered if you know too much. Sometimes, to get you through a rough spot, you need hope.

When you are on this path, there is a desire to know everything. The intentions are good but if you knew all that would happen to you, would you ever grow at all? Would you even want to live?

I tell you something that may not be true, in order for you to make the decisions that you must make.

Sometimes it hurts and you feel that you've been lied to but look at it this way:

Anything you see in the future is more than you should have seen in the first place.

You are here to live, to take the twists and turns of life as if it were a road you never traveled on before.

Divination is not meant to show you everything.

Use it not to tell your future but to enrich your present. To shape and mold yourself to the person you wish to be.

If you stop your lessons from happening, you are setting yourself back.

You may prevent pain but in turn you also prevent growth.

So do yourself a favor. Ask me how you can grow and not what it is that I know.

Understand that there is a bigger plan than what you can see.

And most importantly, stay true to your faith in me.

Love and light to you

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