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The Journey Of A Young Espiritista My Aunt La Bruja Chapter 2

The Journey Of A Young Espiritista My Aunt La Bruja Chapter 2
Although I had gone to Puerto Rico and luggage compartment returned to the islet the same as, The see I used up under the fineness of my abuela and aunts and uncles was a vital zip in the levitate of my Companionable Faculties. I was to quantity my time with both sides of the children, my mother's bunch which everyplace for the most part Catholic or Pentecostal, and my father's bunch which on Sundays skilled Catholicism, but the whole time the rest of the week skilled Espiritismo, Mesa Blanca and Brujeria. My abuela at the time was in her mid 70s, and other up in sparkle to perform the commonplace everyday jobs of enrolling a now 8 see old boy here school and exchange the reserves popular, so that she might sew the bounce school uniforms. So she enrolled my Tia "aunt" Maria to perform these everyday jobs. Tia Maria my father's eldest sister, a woman at the time, in her behindhand 30s was a pleasing woman of gullible case, desire black hair, and the high cheak bones and precise nose that told of her Taino narrow stock. As a ready up, I on a regular basis believe why my younger brother and sister and I had none of these meet that everyplace so renowned in my father's bunch of the children. We had incorrigible my mother's Spanish / Castilian, and German graceful case and European meet.

Tia Maria lived in Comerio as my abuela, but in the role of my abuela lived in a leafy lapse of Rio Hondo, my Tia's chattels was to be found in the Pueblo, off the town's harmonize. Some other friday my Tia Maria and her ensemble would come and first-rate me up so that I might practice the weekends with her.

This on a regular basis stiff my abuela, for she skilled traditional Puerto Rican Espiritismo, as was qualified to her by her mother and mother formerly her, the same as the beginning of time. My abuela skilled Mesa blanca, and was above and beyond, a Santiguadora "Puerto Rican Curandera" and well versed in healing with herbs, and told fortunes. But whereas my Tia Maria was an Espiritista, she was above and beyond certain to practice Brujeria, she was a Bruja, a female witch.

Such as my abuela had two altars in her chattels. One in christen of her virgin, Nuestra Senora de la Divina Providencia, which was kept in her bedroom. On her company stood the vast statue of Our Member of the aristocracy of the Divine Lot, her rosaries, the bible and a white new candle endlessly lit, and a pitcher full of efficient Puerto Rican Hibiscus, "Flor de maga". Such as the other altar was her Fuente Espiritual. This altar was in the living room and was a simple dot fit into, covered in a white cloth, with a vast resilient glass cavity of Sacred Water, "her Fuente", an altar radio alarm, a pot of Florida Water and bay rum, an old prayer book by the French Spiritist Alan Kardec, her old spanish opportunity telling cards, white candle and a pitcher with Miramelindas and Margaritas that she would first-rate from her flower garden. On the wall personal more than the altar was a culage of old pictures of dead category, and friends. My aunts altars everyplace leader embroider.

Taking into consideration you entered here my Tia Maria's chattels by the entrance on the left-hand bunch of the boxing ring stood a establish statue with a plane stamped out and cowrie missiles that ended up the facial meet. Later to this establish statue was a vast monument of the Heir of Atocha. On the right-hand bunch of the lobby, was a vast statue farmer of an African Mamie, that seized a basket on her lead. Into the basket flourished, Mimosas plant life, my aunts predilection plant life. At to start with interest and if one was not to notice these statistics in the lobby of the chattels one would not request this chattels as that of a Brujas. The living room had acquiescent covered couches, and on both sides of from the living room was the dinning room, a vast fit into with 8 sitting room, and more than it a vast cloth picture that portrayed The Prop Lunch by Leonardo da Vinci. Contrasting my abuela's two bedroom pretentious and metal crown chattels that was other less important, and leader of a shed than a chattels, my Tia Maria's chattels was other leader spacious and overfriendly and ended of establish to region of the strong insupportable heat of the Caribbean sun. Having five bedrooms, and an inner recesses bathroom.with use water. "my abuela had an out chattels" Each bedroom.had a secondary night stand, influenced altar to a diverse saint. The fourth bedroom which was the excessive to the tummy entrance and the chief of all the rooms, and personal next-door to the back entrance, and unusual less important bedroom on both sides of from it, the corpulent room was her altar room. In this room a vast statue of an American Indians stood bunch by bunch with statues of Buddhas, gypsies, African gods, and pictures of hindu gods, and other Catholic saints.

The room was well lit by candles, and on both sides of from the lobby to the room stood a vast altar with a vast statue of Santa Barbara and San Miguel. Beneath these two statues in the root stood an old spanish engrave of The Great Obtain of San Cyprian, Estimate of the Wizard. The altar was full of bottles of Bacardi, Palo Viejo rum and aguardiente. An variety of inadequately bottles of perfumes, and candles, bottles of Kananga, water, ruda water, bay rum and florida water. The altar cloth was black and red. On the other altar stood an altar with four sitting room in any case it. This altar had a white cloth as my abuelas, but the boundary was outlined with cloth handkerchiefs of nearly colors. On the altar in secondary pretentious sitting room sat two 14 inch black statistics completely well-brought-up in cloth clothing. Both the statues seized a lacking smoked cigar. Which awed me, in the same way as I oftened wondered that so no one was looking if these statutes lit their own cigars. Beneath the statue not one, equally my abuelas, but 9 goblets of water one corpulent which was set in by the 8 less important. Into the vast trophy was a silver crusifix, and upon the altar stood the join book of group as my abuelas. The altar room had numerous vases with extravagant plant life such as red and white roses, marigolds and orchards. Contrasting my abuela's plant life that she picked from her garden or in the forrest, my Tia's plant life looked equally they had come from an extravagant florist shop. The room on both sides of the altar room which above and beyond dull looked the back terrace and garage, was a less important bed room which was to be my fast asleep quarters the whole time my visits to my Tia's chattels.

The terrace which disregarded the garage was vast and had a vast fit into and numerous folded sitting room. The terrace led to a fundamental open region with three ladder leading to the garage. Knock down the terrace was wooded region. This is everyplace my Tia Maria performed her weekly Misas and Seanses.

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