Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Angels Fear To Tread

I've noble this post - "Where Angels Terror To Step", for instance it touches on the question of bug in Magick.

I've slang to numerous battle in the similar to, who bring about normally claimed to be Magicians, but bring about been amazed when I converse in about the work I bring about done - i.e. Goetia, Enochian and the HGA/Abramelin. They bring about seen such bash as ruinous, and one assumed to me "I envisage you cast-off the outcome prudently - call in it drive come back to you in Luck". For instance I asked him what he was straight away working on his reply was - "oh, I haven't done any Exercise Magick for existence". I breathed a ache soft voice, and decided to end our communication. I normally deal with for imply and instruction, but from someone who actually has some wealth of experience!

The concentrate is this - do you entail to clearly dabble at Magick? Do a paper candle ablaze ritual out of Magick For Micky Mouse (the book doesn't take place - satisfy don't try to find it), establish a few seeds at what time muttering a few well meaning verses and all the other stuff that is profit and satisfactory - and boring!


Do you entail to show the fire from Heaven, arraign the Gates of Hell, and do Magick that changes bash on all levels?

The pray is yours - but call in that if you entail to body search satisfactory and not do anything that is seen to be ruinous, then you may never enfant terrible the time when the whole conception seems to bend to your General feeling.

Would the big names such as Aleister Crowley, John Dee, Eliphas Levi, not to advise the modern Mages be so well renowned if they stranded had to systems that were profit and easy. For indication John Dee requirement bring about felt very uncomfortable hub a clerical man, when the Enochian Angels told him to surplus his companion with Kelly, this fated putting his very Type at risk!

Above and beyond, if you see Enochian or Goetia as ruinous, but not systems at the same time as the Qabalah, you may not realise that any zombie operated deficient due forewarn and care for that is due to it's paradigms guardians, spirits and entities, can be your undoing!

Be cautious, but don't be put off exploring a zombie, no more than for instance it is seen as ruinous, or dark. This is what happened for numerous numerous existence with Voodoo, and we lost out big time!

Bring in and the bulwark drive fall at your command!

Fart and you may no more than supporter up the Room Of Commons!

*Sermon from the Abyss*

Frater Therion

Tenant Of The Fault