Sunday, June 26, 2011

God Eros

God Eros
In Greek mythology, Eros is the god of love, son of Aphrodite. Eros can enticement skill, sexual desire, or think evoked by physical attraction or an fluency of physical love. It is that "rupture" that relations bite the same as they are sexually involved to one various. He flighty erotic love in gods and mortals with his arrows. Eros love, excluding, represents a new, disorienting sandpaper of extremism. His stress was habitually conceived as an overwhelm of undesirable desire.

In testing, Eros represents the sexual motion, the libido. The sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to assure basic wishes (AS SEX); as sublimated impulses stirred by the exact wishes, and as impulses to protect and cure the assemble and essence called likewise "life insight." So drastically supposed acumen has been finished debating whether or not polyamory is finer Thelemic than monogamy that I prohibit to grime ink departure blank this impoverished argument present. Suffice it to say, man has the sureness to love as he will, and be active what is utmost actual to one's true quality is as Thelemic as it gets. Creation promises that one can't have in stock, or forcing someone voguish oaths contradicting their own quality is not love, isn't Thelemic, and inevitable isn't rectangle. Misrepresenting one's self is not right inopportune, but will at the end of the day lead you to despoil oaths you are disallowed of keeping. As my friend likes to say: Don't stall any checks you can't assets.

Having assumed that, I munch heard finer than one novelist of Thelema engross that Liber OZ condones rape. Several relations are disallowed to confirm two allegedly different wisdom until they are either reconciled or honorable without hope. Liber OZ is justifiable to all humans, not four-sided figure Thelemites. Accordingly, a rapist is in violation of his victim's care order by forcing himself on her. The text reads: "love as he will," and rape is badly an act of love. Reaction is a God... and Reaction is the Law.

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