Friday, June 17, 2011

Rune Reading Gebo

Rune Reading Gebo Image
A sister in spirit got in touch with me yesterday and asked about the significance of the rune Gebo. She is searching for her next home, and saw this rune in two trees nearby while praying about the issue.

The traditional meaning of Gebo is "gift," but runes are like layer cakes and their commonly understood meanings are just the icing. There's a lot more going on under the surface.

Gebo teaches us about the balance that's needed between giving and receiving to support well-being on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. We should expect to give if we want to receive, and should neither consistently give without receiving nor receive without giving. This applies to all things - material goods, mental/emotional/spiritual energy, etc.

In her book Northern Mysteries and Magick, Freya Aswynn says that "giving gifts was a serious matter" in the Northern tradition (33), and that it was dishonorable to give or receive without an exchange. This concept was (and still is) present in several cultures around the world. For example in many Native American tribes, it is still considered disrespectful to ask for a blessing from a spiritual leader or the Creator without first making a meaningful offering. In this way Gebo shows us that sacrifice is necessary to manifest the gifts we seek. (Let me point out however that the original meaning of sacrifice was "to make sacred. "Its associations with concepts like ritual killing and pious suffering are primarily due to the influence of Christian doctrine".")

So then, what must you "make sacred" to attract what you wish?

To my sister, I heard and saw these things as well when meditating on this rune's meaning for you:

* A cave, and a waterfall. Find a way to spend some time inside/near either or both, whether this means visiting an actual physical location or journeying there in ceremony or meditation.
* I heard the word "neighbor." Does a neighbor have a gift you've refused, or have you given them a gift without an exchange of energy? Could be past, present or future.
* Gather scattered energies and focus them on your desired outcome. Be cautious of the balance between give and take - are you giving too much and expecting to little? Or, are you expecting too much and giving too little? This could pertain to legal matters or a contract, and/or the spiritual energy you've invested in reaching your goal.
* I see bats. You taught me about bat medicine - do they have a message for you? Cougar is also present.

Love and kindness,


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