Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baphomet Altar Candles Now Available

Baphomet Altar Candles Now Available
By modish ask, I am give to to engrave a handmade candle for your altar. It is in the exceptionally design that was featured in the video "Satanic Ceremony Tools: The Candle". Band precious this candle design, so I am give to to make them upon ask.

This candle is made with my artistic decoupage approach. It makes a charming altar get rid of. I know that I hold back enjoyed having my candle on my altar. It can be second hand for magic, ritual, or decoration.

If you order a candle, I incentive engrave it in the make and color that you would assume. Each candle that is sent comes with a ritual invocation for you to use to donate your candle. Each candle is made with region ingredients. You incentive find this candle design no everyplace else!

Please Journey this page for snooty information -> The Baphomet Altar Candle