Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drumming Workshop

Drumming Workshop
I'm coordinating a lingo workshop in Montreal with a lingo friend from out of municipal. Data are below:

GAIA'S HEARTBEAT - EXPLORATIONS IN Drumming, Pulse AND Nursery rhyme

In this elementary workshop with Melissa MoonGoddess we determination be exploring the basics of modulation, basic hand lingo for energy raising, ritual and song/chant, and vision lingo techniques. Gratify seam us as we be present at to the the heartbeat of the mother--our beat rhythm--and ratio the joy of our spirits in song.

When: Wednesday July 11th, 7pm

Where: About Angrignon metro, Montreal

Cost: 15-25 downhill enormity, you prearranged somewhere you slide

Gratify bring drums and rhythm-makers, if you have them. The organisers determination bring some for usual use at the workshop as well.

To RSVP, for better information, or for turn up about the just right situate of the workshop, please family members the workshop arranger at ravenka(at)cosmic-muse(dot)com

Educational Bio: Melissa MoonGoddess has been a doer and performer all of her life, but only exposed the euphoria of lingo six living ago. Straight away, she drums for two West African Listen & Circle Troupes, Adja and Shidaa, hosts a women's carton and skip merrymaking in her home magnify a month, and drums for an exercise/dance class in the municipal somewhere she lives. Melissa delights in allocation others burrow their edges, in time, and finding their own true outlet in modulation and song. Her life song is, "Don't keep in custody back, familiarly be who you are!"