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Numbers In Egyptian Mythology

Numbers In Egyptian Mythology
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Round about audience were restrained sacred, holy, or magical by the ancient Egyptians, even more 2, 3, 4, 7, and their multiples and reckoning.


* 1 Three: symbol of plurality

* 2 Five

* 3 Seven: symbol of progress, effectiveness, richness

* 4 Bits and pieces

* 5 See equally

* 6 Largely Sources

Three: symbol of plurality

The basic symbol for plurality in addition to the ancient Egyptians was the detail three: even the way they wrote the word for "plurality" in hieroglyphics consisted of three above-board trail ( ). Triads of deities were equally recycled in Egyptian religion to imply a total hypothesis. Examples absorb references to the god Atum "bearing in mind he was one and became three" bearing in mind he gave crack of dawn to Shu and Tefnut, and the triad of Horus, Osiris, and Isis.


* The alcoholic drink recycled to fraud Sekhmet sopping wet three hands within the homeland.

* The especially god, Re, named three become old to define the sun: dawn, midday, and sunset.

* Thoth is described as the "thrice-great god of wisdom".

* A fated prince was fated to three fates: to die by a crocodile, a serpent, or a dog.

* Three groups of three attempts each (nine attempts) were sought-after for a renowned peasant to reform his stolen wealth.

* A blustery mage claimed to be intense to cast a immense darkness to last three days.

* Some time ago asking Thoth for help, a Emperor of Ethiopia was brought to Thebes and publicly beaten three push become old.

* An Ethiopian mage tried-and failed-three become old to harm the finest mage of Egypt.

* An Egyptian mage, in an slant to line the land of the dead, threw a be next to powder on a fire three become old.

* Display are twelve (three become old four) sections of the Egyptian land of the dead. The dead put down at the third.[10]

* The Curve of Isis, representing life, has three loops.[11]



* The especially god, Re, named five gods and goddesses.[12]

* Thoth added five days to the blind date by gleeful the light from the moon in a game of making a bet. [13]

* It took five days for the five children of Nut to be natural. These are Osiris, Nephthys, Isis, Set and Horus the Manager - this obligation not be sham with Harpocrates (Horus the Toddler) whom smashed Set in fighting. [14]

* A blustery mage claimed to be intense to bring the Pharaoh of Egypt to Ethiopia and by magic, have him beaten with a rod five hundred (five become old five become old five become old four) become old, and return him to Egypt in the space of five hours.[15]

* An Ethiopian mage comes to air Egypt's finest mage-to reading of a hermetically sealed letter-five hundred (five become old five become old five become old four) being whilst the disgrace depicted in it occurred.[16]

* The star, or pentagram, representing the afterlife, has five points.[17]

Fives are less rude in Egyptian mythology.

Seven: symbol of progress, effectiveness, richness

The detail seven was apparently the Egyptian symbol of such theory as progress, effectiveness, and richness.


* Seven thousand barrels of red alcoholic drink were recycled to fraud Sekhmet out of homicide. [18]

* In her view for her husband's pieces, the goddess Isis was guarded by seven scorpions. [19]

* A renowned famine lasted seven being. [20]

* The most minuscule direct towards that the Nile sunken to perform the famine was seven cubits. The height was four become old seven (28) cubits. [21]

* A fated prince found a increase seventy (two become old five become old seven) cubits high with seventy (two become old five become old seven) windows. [22]

* Set tore the god Osiris' body within fourteen pieces: seven each for the two regions of First and Put down Egypt. [23]

* The Pool symbol, representing water, contains seven criminal resistance.[24]

* The Gold ingots symbol has seven spines on its foot.[25]