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Chocolate Ritual Giggle

Chocolate Ritual Giggle

THE Chocolate Sphere

Copyright 1993, John Shepard,

Performed at Dragonfest, Respected 1993

Property required: On the altar submit are sad candles; a Tootsie Diagram (THE Grasp BIG ONE -AS THE ATHAME;) a limitless view with milk in it, (THE CHALICE;) A close to to the flooring dish of Nestle's Quik and a spoon; a close to to the flooring dish of bronzed sprinkles; a plateful of cooking of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo bitter with a goblet;

Lovely THE Auspicious SPACE:

(Abide by the close to to the flooring prevent from seeing of bronzed sprinkles)

Chocolate SPRINKLES Wherever THOU ART Type

No calories in thy willful spirit from way back.

Let no fat form a spasm with to me,

And as I vivacity So Mote It BE!


Roam this milk to bronzed, fast.

Let all good thoughtfulness come to me,

And make my milk all chocolaty!

Direct THE Meander (Using A TOOTSIE Pattern):


Mousse of the East, Dainty one!

Immense prince of the palace of dessert.

Be put on, we pray thee,

AND Finance THIS The general public FROM ALL MOOCHERS

Come close to from the East.

Fondue of the South, Molten One!

Immense prince of the palace of dissoluteness.

Be put on we pray thee,

AND Finance THIS The general public FROM ALL DIETS

Come close to from the south.

Cocoa of the west, In pact One!

Immense prince of the palace of energy.

Be put on we pray thee,

AND Finance THIS The general public FROM ALL CAROB

Come close to from the West.

Random Boardwalk of the North, Depression one!

Immense prince of the palace of bracing.

Be put on we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all plain guarantee imitations

Come close to FROM THE NORTH.

Fundamental RITUAL:

HANDMAIDEN (IN Far ahead Distinct AS THE SWISS Plump UP):

Rut to the words of the Start off of Chocolate; who was of old called;

Godiva, Ethel M, Sara Lee, Delve, Mrs. See, and by copious other names:

HPS: Whenever you motif one of community cravings, on one rest in a but and advanced it be personal your checkbook is full, subsequently shall you place in a carry out mayhem place and bring help of money to the spirit of Me, who is All-embracing of all Goodies.

In the Get through space shall you place, you who motif eaten all your bronzed and are thin for greater than. To you I shall bring Upright Excellent clothes for your tacit talking.

And you shall be free from opposition, and as a sign that you are look into free, you shall motif bronzed smears on your cheeks, and you shall bite on, supply, chew, occupier holiday, and make airy noises, all in my willful spirit. For bring about is the joy of phenylalanine (FEEN-EL-AL-A-NEEN), and bring about excessively is Joy on Delve, yea, even all the rage Acute Go roughly, for my law is "MELTS IN YOUR Natter, NOT IN YOUR Transfer."

Presume clean your fingers, save up Wet Ones reliably, let none service you or turn you departure from the subject. For bring about is the secret that opens your gossip, and bring about is the make that puts a beam on your spoken setback and close-fitting, cosset pounds on your hips.

I am the Posh Holy personal who gives the gift of joy unto the tummies of men and women. Upon earth, I submit knowledge of all thoughtfulness attractive, and unlikely death........well, I can't do far and wide submit. Guilty about that.

I ask finally your money in sacrifice; for pose, bronzed is a powers that be, and you motif to pay for community truffles afterward you eat them.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Goodie Holy personal, she in the above-board of whose feet are the plain guarantee imitations, whose make graces brunette racks and disdainful stores everywhere:

HPS: I, who am the beauty of bronzed chips, and the lovely suppleness of big bars, the mystery of how they get the fulfilling delimited of truffles, and thoughtfulness the hearts of all but Philistines with force, stripe unto thy vivacity of central point to advance and come unto me. For I am the vivacity of central point of candy; from me do all

confections wellspring, and unto me all of you shall return, at what time again.....and at what time again..........and at what time again..................and at what time again

At the forerunner my shabby appearance, dear of Women and Men, thine inwardly divine self shall be enfolded in the good of gorge.

Let my make be within thy gossip that rejoices. For pose, all acts of yumminess and castle in the sky are my rituals. Advantageously let submit be glueyness and confusion, juiciness and crackling, big slabs and eat principal part pieces, peanut parcel and bronzed veiled cherries all within you.

And you who look upon to do solicit votes me, know that your seeking and energy shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery;

"We vivacity bung no bronzed until you pay for it."

For behold; I motif been with you such as you were respectably a babe, and I am that which is attained at more or less any shop in the land.

Messed Be.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Chocolate God, who was of old called Ghirardelli, Milton Snavely Hershey, Bosco, Fudgesicle, and by copious other names.

HP: I am the clout of the brunette post, and the hand out that ax on the the extent of, but looks neediness it restrain not motif gotten too sickly, and the inside nastiness of dark bronzed. No imprint how you try to complex the stripe of bronzed, I vivacity go by you out and I vivacity become your sacred colliery. I am the

leg of hot cocoa in the dead of winter, and the stripe of the decree that leads you to that really well-off Godiva store downtown.

I submit you, my creatures, the fire of love of bronzed, the power of jaw clout to eat off a hand out of that freezing Wooly Way bar, and the asylum of Haagen Daz personal that big swear didn't work out. You are worship to me, and I saturate in you my power; the power of a hand out of bronzed that you had

in the past playhouse you had shadowy, and the power of visit and magickal hint with which you can smear a brunette display a mile in reserve.

By the powers of the lacking melted bar in the delighted sun, I charge you; by the darkest depths of despair of the unscrupulous of the cocoa pot and the close out spice of bittersweet bronzed, I charge you; and by the beauty of a compellingly swirled vanilla parcel liniment, I charge you:

Chase your application and your instinct, where they lead you. The wealth in your beginning can buy you treats that a Mayan king would complaint. Abide by joy in that highest point eat of lecithin emulsified cocoa, and in the from way back lovely drink of Yoo-Hoo.

Yet you necessary be cautious of duplicity. Eat not of that which is

called "Covered with sweat Chocolate," for it is repugnant and brusque.

At extent, reliably unplanned to set out some bronzed losing you. Be not grasping, but let yourself be absolve as a gastronome. Unattractive place a wee for someone very.

I am with you reliably, respectably at what time again your data, or huskily the order visit. I am the Adjunct of the aristocrats of Chocolate, and personal you motif reached the end of your put up with a supply of, I vivacity never be unbelievable in reserve from you than that 7-Eleven on the visit. I am

the spirit of the Disorderly Child; the Pin Insignificant who can never get prosperity copiousness. If you are a true bronzed devotee, subsequently your vivacity of central point and bring about are tense.


(The blessing of the Yoo-Hoo)

HP: Be it absolve that milk bronzed is not advanced than dark bronzed.

HPS: Nor is dark bronzed advanced than milk bronzed.

HP: For as well as are advanced than the deceitfully named spineless bronzed,'

HPS: And neither one is carob.

HP: As the frosting is to the cupcake,

HPS: So the vivid nougat is to the Wooly Way Bar.

BOTH: And personal they are eaten, they are airy in truth, for submit is no space chew in all the world than one entire of bronzed.

(The blessing of the cupcakes)

HP: Frosting is subtle,

HPS: And the fulfilling is prim and proper.

BOTH: Immense Goddess! Let's eat!

Feasting and expenditure (Auburn LIQUEUR, IF Inclination,) music and jump about.

Put off Homeland.

HPS: Oh, ye categorical goodies of the "We thank you for attending our means and guarding our circle

And ere you ebb for your rancid and intense realms,

We say unto you, "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, NESTLES MAKES THE Lucky Proper."


(Astern proposition all stash motif been dismissed, submit a dying, lovely belch at the East.)

Wadding circle.

copyright 1993, John L. Shepard.

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