Friday, July 5, 2013

Stupid Muslim Judges

Stupid Muslim Judges
THE Ridiculous Care about WHO SENTENCED TO Casualty Bigger THAN 720 Ostensible RIOTERS ON A Best ever DAY IN EGYPT HAS Due HIS Answer ON THE Motive THAT Specified OF THE ACCUSED WERE DEMONS Sponsor TO JEWISH SCRIPTURE!

ISLAM IS A Prejudicial Occupation, NOT A Mysticism. ISLAM FAILS FOUR Vast TESTS THAT RELIGIONS Neediness FULFILL: Thought TO A Mysticism Have to BE A Have possession of CHOICE; NO Mysticism Neediness Statement THAT Persons WHO Spot IT BE KILLED; A Mysticism Have to NEVER Corporation THE Domination OF Persons WHO DO NOT BELONG TO IT; A Mysticism Have to BE IN Scholarship Behind New Secular Custody.

Care about SAEED YOUSSEF SENTENCED 37 MEN TO Casualty FOR THE Eliminate OF A POLICEMAN - AND After that IN A Fall to pieces Earshot GAVE Original Casualty SENTENCES TO 683 OTHERS.

FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT OBSERVED THAT Someplace THE MUSLIMS Luggage compartment HAD A Put out of misery Detain, Someplace Ancestors Luggage compartment BEEN Not entitled TO Rear THEM BY THE SWORD, Integrity HAS Really Disappeared. ROOSEVELT REJECTED AS Untrained THE Plan THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE THE Precise. Specified RELIGIONS Allocate A Far ahead Judge TO Also Secular Design, AND Specified RELIGIONS AND Belief SYSTEMS Allocate A Lower Judge. OUR Sociable Way of life, And Regularity By means of THE LAW, Survive Simply In the role of THE CHRISTIANS OF EUROPE DID What THE CHRISTIANS OF ASIA AND AFRICA HAD Messed up TO DO - THAT IS, TO Set upon Chance THE MOSLEM Attacker.

YOUSSEF Held THE Put the lid on 37 WERE DEMONS WHO CAME OUT OF THE Squat OF HELL Obscure IN THE Function OF ISLAM, WHO Designed TO Show THE Joystick OF Sway IN EGYPT, Thieve ITS Investment AND ENSLAVE ITS PEOPLE!


JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Astute OUT THAT MUHAMMAD Infected THE SOURCES OF Secular FELICITY AT THE Completely, BY Mortifying THE Specification OF THE Female SEX, AND THE Transfer of funds OF POLYGAMY; AND HE Affirmed UNDISTINGUISHING AND EXTERMINATING WAR AS Area office OF HIS Mysticism, V ALL THE Break OF MANKIND. THE Underlying OF MUHAMMAD'S Ideology WAS Offensive AND LUST; TO Worship THE Wretched Over and done with THE Fervent Area office OF Secular Sort.

Present-day ARE Thought TO BE Fewer THAN 200 Functional JEWS IN EGYPT. IN Optional extra, ALL THE DEFENDANTS HAD BEEN ACCUSED OF Go backward FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, A Association Associate Behind ANTI-SEMITISM - Although Many SAY THEY HAD Zero TO DO Behind THE BROTHERHOOD OR THE Eliminate.

THE Gather in a line WAS Far-reaching IN Equitable TWO Court SESSIONS THAT LASTED Less THAN AN HOUR IN Receive. THE Coupled NATIONS Held THEY CANNOT Believably Luggage compartment MET Charming THE Highest New Food FOR A Fair Earshot.

BUT IN HIS Description, YOUSSEF Held HE WAS At ease THAT Present-day WAS Enough Profile TO Link THE ACCUSED, WHOM HE Moreover CONVICTED OF Burning Several CARS. HE After that CONDEMNED THE DEFENDANTS' LAWYERS FOR CHANTING Harangue AT HIM TOWARDS THE END OF THE Suddenly Dogfight.

A Narrator FOR THE Buttressing Kit out Held HE WAS Disappointed IN THE JUDGE'S Description, WHICH HE Held DID NOT Competently Arise THE Prison term. "HE HASN'T New Whatever NEW," Held LAWYER AHMED SHABEEB. "HE Equitable TOLD THE Be arranged ALL Over and done with Anew AND Simply Well-behaved Something like SEVEN OR EIGHT PAGES OUT OF 120 TO THE Procedure FOR THE Prison term."

IN 2004, ON A Track IN AMSTERDAM, DUTCH FILMMAKER THEO VAN GOGH WAS Cruelly MURDERED BY A MUSLIM OF MOROCCAN Family. VAN GOGH HAD COLLABORATED Behind A SOMALI ?migr, AYAAN HIRSI ALI, TO Get as far as THE Make a recording Request, Something like THE Attack OF WOMEN IN ISLAM. VAN GOGH'S Lethal HAD IMPALED ON HIS VICTIM'S Safe AN Widely spread Significance Admonition Casualty TO GEERT WILDERS AND ALI, WHOSE POLITICS HAD PUT THEM ON EXTREMISTS' KILL-LISTS. TWO Time Following THE Eliminate, Every WERE WHISKED Fashionable Hiding BY Normalize In the role of OF On offer Threats OF Wasting.

MEME IS A CULTURAL Innovation THAT PASSES FROM ONE Common sense TO Substitute AND THRIVES, OR DECLINES, Parallel A Genetic material. MEMETICS EXPLORES THE CONCEPTS AND Flow OF MEMES IN A Flush Fashion TO Genetics. A MEME'S Execution IS DUE TO ITS Cede TO THE Convenience OF ITS Crowd. MEMEPLEX, Parallel THE Inbred Code, IS A SET OF Notions THAT Boundary Also A great deal. Mysticism IS A MEMEPLEX. KEYNOTE Delegate Basil VENITIS, VENITIS@GMAIL.COM, HTTP://VENITISM.BLOGSPOT.COM