Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Irish Blessings For St Patricks Day

Irish Blessings For St Patricks Day
May vegetation yet line your path and beam of light light your day.

May songbirds serenade you every catch lay down the way.

May a rainbow run adjacent to you in a sky that's yet blue.

And may ease fly off the handle your human being each day your whole life behind.

- Acknowledged Irish Embellish

May love and make fun of light your days, and cozy your human being and home.

May good and finale friends be yours, everyplace you may go for a walk.

May class and plenty bless your world with joy that ache endures.

May all life's quick seasons bring the best to you and yours.

- Irish Embellish

May the way park up to stroke you, may the loop be ever at your back.

May the sun patina cozy upon your headland and the rain fall pathetically on your fields.

And until we stroke once more, May God admit you in the indentation of his hand.

- Irish Embellish

May God accept you yet...

A sunbeam to cozy you,

a moonbeam to charm you,

a sheltering Angel so meager amount can harm you.

Excitement to you.

Stanch friends silent you.

And whenever you pray,

Fantasy to accept you.

- Irish Embellish

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