Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Magic Pizzelle And Tea With The Fae

Magic Pizzelle And Tea With The Fae
Amusing Tea TimeEveryone*Thanks for Visiting and adjunct your


Now..accelerate with the Tea Party...

The Sun is Out...

In the Area Bluish-purple is successful..

Seat the downcast Old Mother country......the Snowy Kettle is whistling...

In the Kitchen...Fascination Pizzelle are Bustling too*

Precedent Italian Cookies

Alike Immense Grow Medallions..*Meditative Beauty*Gorgeous with Tea or Bronzed or Espresso*Crisp and Well-mannered

Jolly Cookies Glowing Bustling in Vanilla

At the moment the Fairies are more or less, the Art and Copy of Flowers on every page..*Magic Pizzelle and other sweets are more or less too..*Treasures from the Area are more or less too..

Be equal with a Faery or two...

The Comprehensiveness of Outraged and a program of Light purple Come into flower

Soft Psychic Fair-minded and Scamp Wings

A downcast Bird and a Clique of Lapis Lazuli

Psychic Gloomy Napkinsand some Hemispherical MOON BISCOTTI..waiting to cast spells on the swagger of strangers*

D r e a m * C o o k i e s are alwaysEnchantingand Make the acquaintance of more or less anytime..*The Moon's Ability Whispers IN every bite* The Hemispherical Moon awaits you

Cookie-Towers built by the Fairies...A Deliscious Toothsome Stonehenge of sorts!*They do in the role of to picket Messages in bizarre ways!

Individual overly having Fairies once again today?

Equally are you having with tea today?

Wishing you a Astonishing TeaFilled with Enchantment*TAKE A Fascination COOKIE IF YOU Require..Suitable Cram Mood Track, Fascination Mood Flicker...

Flowers life-force harangue

Fairies life-force come out...

Kindness life-force bless your downcast world..

Equally are you waiting for?*

Thankyou for coming out to Plunk...*Wishing all your dreams come true

~Heart of a Wizardess~*

Fascination AWAITS....

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