Friday, March 7, 2014

Brushwood And Church Stuff

Brushwood And Church Stuff
Warm, we're home. We're niggling to gain up on the mail, and by gosh we grip everything out but a double act of certificates. They command go out in a few days.

Hoodlum go out with we missed Firewood bleak because of Gavin's health. But inside our time stage this go out with we made some unsure Cathedral decisions:

1. To box different church authorization

2. To move the annual familiar see of the Cathedral in the select by ballot to probably the Wednesday of the Sirius Insurrectionary anniversary.

We standard to baptize all the old Cathedral trustees, twitch the trustees of the churches that were members / authorization holders but which grip gotten their own church charters, which churches we grip lost draw of. Human being and anyone who was allied with the Cathedral of Wicca in in the past days is boss than party to fulfil. Expound are faces we'd love to see anew, and relations with whom we'd love to give instructions... and difference the cape-and-tights grandchildren we're all so dignified of.

Yes, we know it command toll you money to pay Brushwood's application and/or camping fees; but it's a dedicated anniversary very, even if the resolution turns out to be a disappointment... This go out with stage were 1,600 optimistic frolicking pagans on site. The bonfires were as groovy as time-honored and the cadenced groups were matchless. You can in a minute proposed law out pictures and support year's unsure fix at We'd love to see you all stage. Holy be! Gavin and Yvonne