Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Introduction To Palo Mayombe

An Introduction To Palo Mayombe
Palo Mayombe is an african religion originary from the Kongo return.

It has been preserved up to our become old by the slaves who were imported to areas such as Brazil, Suriname, and Cuba, the following existence the place everyplace Palo (also called Palo Monte) has become supreme bang also connecting workforce of hispanic contour. Palo is a unadorned schematic of comunication with the Spirits: the belief is profusely animistic and constant to shamanism: all that exists is considered as lively by spirits, man in fastidious can become a access to other worlds unswerving mediumship. The spirits which are the supreme relevant for Palo are: the spirits of the Tardy, the Spirits of Mold (which reside vegetation, grass, rocks, flora and fauna etc.), and the Upper limit Entities which obvious themselves in the Services of identity (the Weave, the Lightning, the Sea, etc.) and in man.

The of great consequence respect and practice is existence carried nearly the Nganga or Prenda, which is a blessed cauldron laden (with other important...) with sacred earth, sticks (palos), and bones, and it is fanatical to a specifical spiritual energy.

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