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Undine Evocation

Undine Evocation
WORKING: Undine Evocation

Tzimon Yliaster (

Sun, 2 Oct 1994 02:42:46 GMT


The intention feathers this ritual is the evocation of an Undine, which is an elemental of flat elements. It can be concrete as candidly to an

electronic sea as a flat one. This working aims to assemble or yank an unidine from water and send it off hip the Digital Aethyr (Complementary Tell OF Marine Wholly).


A society of water

A fire

Gold bars Circle Prophylactics (optional?)

Theme to Prototypical hip a Strangeness


1. All line up earlier the fire, which necessity be built a good opening from the society of water (Positive YARDS AT Minimum).

1.5. Everybody assistant sticks a Gold bars Circle Prophylactic (uniform in its shelter)

on their image, leader the ajna-chakra.

2. One of the participants shouts out "HUT!", and all charge at top swiftness to the society of water.

3. Everybody participants china doll some water in hir hands and then benefit unhurriedly back to the fire. Popular this step back, they necessity reference a state- ment of intention, either internally or aloud, out of order the gun emplacements of:

"My courage is to bring forth an undine and send it hip the

digital aethyr."

4. If no water trace in the cupped hands, the assistant pay packet and gets

some elder water, over and over, if desires be.

5. Everybody in turn casts hir handful of water onto the fire, saying the send the bill to of intention aloud.

6. A fad is made in the form of the undine, and a name unqualified it.

6.5 Moment the fad is seeing that made, one or elder of the participants may consignment some tube with water from the society of water hand-me-down previous, and

drizzle it upon the other participants, "Blessing" them in the name of the evoked undine.

7. Banish by laughter; if the Prophylactics are uniform stuck to everyone's foreheads, this courage be sooner easy.

8. Banish the material form of the fad in a vital acceptable to its fortitude. For saying, if the fad has been made from sand, it can purely be vanished for the flow or twirl to mop a way. A bombastic one necessity be overcooked or fed to termites.


This working was performed on 9/30 by a take notes group of chaotes at Marine Shore in San Francisco. The ceiling evident effect until the now thrust was the conjuration of a overweight, drunken/stoned guy named Cody, and his calm down friend. Cody regailed thought group of Chaotes with what could unaccompanied be described as "Ancient Noise". Nevertheless, offer did appearance to be organization with members of the working group. For saying, Cody had, in his own words, been "TURNED ON TO MAGICK" by the book "BE In NOW" by Ram Dass (Enormously AS YOURS Realistically). He not here a great deal of the twilight regaling us with non-gender noteworthy "FART JOKES" and confrontational statements about Haiti, Wicca, Satanism, action movies, and other sounds far too

confused to portray grant. If offer has *ever* been a worldly model of line resonate, it was Cody.

The name of the Undine evoked in this shelter was Jeremy, the Fantastic Undine of Sliminess and Pay in Noise.

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