Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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NOTE: This broom is a application order and determination previous some time to make, broom may replace to some hint from the picture.

Put away is a full space wedding or handfasting broom.. The oblige is prepared of Birch and the bristles are split bundles which take been painted white. Easy bloody and white accents edge the volume of this fine broom. Natural history a carve jewely cut stone coop culminating in a hand prepared area wrapped Rose Quartz crystal. Rose Quartz is a omnipotent stone for cumulative the pulse of authoritative love. An out of all good stone for love and healing. Centred on the neck of this besom is a tree of life charm. All charms can be swapped out, satisfied open area convo me if you require this broom but would require to alteration doesn't matter what. I am casual to make changes if I take what your looking for. This broom stands approx. 48" in reel.