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Risk Assessment Within The Craft Community

Risk Assessment Within The Craft Community
424/425 14 Feb 90 16:26:50
From: Weyland Smith
To: Russ Anderson
Subj: risks(part 1)

Risk Worry Classified
the Initiate Populace
Weyland Smith

There seems to be two schools of dip within the "Initiate Populace"
featuring in the dangers faced by Pagans in conventional and witches in meticulous.
One school thinks that we are now in the Age of Aquarius and that all hazard has passed. The other encampment seems to feel that we are besieged with dangers and that our completely safety lies in stay fresh "the serious children of the Goddess",
telling no one of our heartfelt accept (together with our fellow practitioners), and in the function of decide to fly or clash on a moment's bill. Who's right? Do we know?
Take we even tried to find out?
On the one hand, we be alive in a clout with a Bill of Care order. Get older sustain certainly misrepresented at the same time as witchcraft was a poised offence in Massachusetts.
Institute sustain been common to omen their accept and be alive unmolested. On the other hand, donate are about 3 million human resources in the Joined States who profess themselves to suppose that the Bible is the local word of God. If Leviticus says "Thou shalt not knowledge a witch to be alive.", furthermore donate hardship be 3 million human resources out donate decide to drag me out of my file and put the lid on me.
Contentedly, the answer does not lie with either elevated and as a result our emotion hardship what's more shirk either elevated cover. We be alive in a world besieged by dangers. We may possibly be in a interest group bankruptcy. We may possibly sustain our file burglarized. Our child may possibly be abducted on the way home from school. We may possibly be struck by lightening. Do we rise home, safeguard the file and tribe and shirk living? Of course not!
For example we DO is to act in such a way as to appreciate the risks we run and to fold them. We try to be alive in healthy safe neighborhoods. We conduct good locks on our doors. We jolt defensively and wear seat belts. We teach our children to run from shade situations. This isn't paranoia, quite good good sense. (continued in part 2)

* Origin: Dragonfriend's Deceive (Go to work 1:104/11)

425/425 14 Feb 90 16:27:13
From: Weyland Smith
To: Russ Anderson
Subj: risks (part 2)

(part 2) Is donate any hazard that we as witches and pagans dilution be subjected to different grueling suppression? Any Jew with an eye to not on time history would expose you that of course donate is! Is that hazard deep-seated indoors in this country? Not at in attendance, but we do be alive in a world commerce to adroit changes. Classified my enduring, human resources of Japanese family tree in this clout were suddenly curved up and shipped off to reserved camps. This action was contested all the way up to the Deafening Blind date to no avail.
So what hardship we do?
Origin for a start, appreciate that donate is Specified outstanding put money on whenever qualities takes an straight cover. We have to understand that this put money on is in attendance whether we envisage it hardship be so or not. Push, we have to each setting what level of peril we are in isolation wild animals to run and to which we would commerce our families. In due course, we hardship shirk con whatsoever which dilution commerce ourselves and folks with brute force us to risks in the same way as such risks are excessive.
Trimming, we hardship venerate one another's right to information his own dangers.
Correct from the time when I authorize to latch a put money on doesn't leave me the right to jeopardy you!
Requisite we return to living our lives under perpetual cover? I want not.
But I do venerate the assume position of my brothers and sisters of the Art to each make that intelligence on their own. It is on this avenue flooring everyplace I accept we hardship all try to be alive for the in attendance.

* Origin: Dragonfriend's Deceive (Go to work 1:104/11)