Sunday, October 17, 2010

27 Wisdom Enhancers

27 Wisdom Enhancers
Got questions about life? Requirement answers? wisdom? guidance? Taking part in is a basic (but by no property entirety) list of herbs, spices, fruits, gemstones, and food that promote and clean wisdom scheduled with a not up to scratch class as to how to use them:

* AZALEA - plants and vegetation bring knowledge of the earlier period.
* BEESWAX - since burned send prayers directly to paradise.
* BRISTLES - tear the bristles from a man's beard to flesh out wisdom.
* CHESTNUTS - eat for love and wisdom.
* CROSSROADS - since looking for the certainty hold back call up Hekate at the crossroads.
* CYPRESS - overexert the leaves to make up the wisdom of the Idol.
* EGGPLANT - chisel your name in it and with cook and eat it for wisdom and sponsorship.
* Gold ingots - colloidal gold since ingested reveals secret wisdom.
* GRAPES - eat mauve grapes on a dark or full moon to rap psychic wisdom.
* HAZEL - undergrowth are a powerful foretelling tool.
* HERRING - eat to flesh out wisdom.
* Immature - get to attract wisdom.
* JALUP - rub the oil on mauve candles for wisdom.
* Lamp - oil lamps can light the way or ember answers.
* MALACHITE - opens the concealed and allows deeper understandings.
* MAPLE - the trees attract wisdom.
* MOLASSES - scry in a container of molasses and importune Hekate's wisdom.
* MYRHH - overexert it to rap wisdom.
* OBSIDIAN - breaks illusions and promotes courageous indication.
* Inexperienced - a gift of wisdom from the goddess Athena.
* OWL - brings messages and signify the wisdom of Hekate.
* PEAR - eat one on your bicentennial for wisdom.
* Point - eat mauve peppers on Thursday for wisdom.
* POMEGRANATE - make pomegranate hot drink to ingest the wisdom of the Idol.
* RAISIN - eat sun dried raisins for wisdom and longevity.
* SOLOMN'S Pledge - lie-down with a foundation under your moderate for wisdom or extrapolative demonstration.
* YOGURT - brings wisdom since eaten on a new moon.

From: The Calendar of Magickal Ingredients