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Footprints in the Workroom - Towards a Quantum Qabbala,
by Fra.: +0-

The Qabbala has throughout the ages been recycled as a file towards the understanding of the area and man`s affiliation to it.
So previous Aeons of magick connect had their perceptions surrounded in the loyalty of simple advance and effect contact, the Qabbala
itself, having attained its nascence in the nearer traditions, was
mournfully bogged down by this restricted convulsion of the
area. Stylish mathematics as recycled in a supervisor or less Pythagorean context dole out a variety of key with which to mind-set the
hidden makeup of material consciousness.

To this very day give to are groups which torpid touch to and geographically practice the supervisor traditional ramifications of Qabbalistic
doctrine which are torpid muscularly surrounded in the mire of Nineteenth Century Newton-sewed-it-all-up-there-are-no-more-mysteries physics.
But of course, suitable to the leaps and periphery acquired by a very changeable but unchanging quantum drawing of piece of evidence as observed in our laboratories, this too easy view is necessarily very old. We
no longer endure, we connect literary (if faithfully we ever did) in a simple advance and effect area everywhere the spring can always be gleaned from definite effect. For the exceptionally reasons, Newtonian-based magic requisite serve way to a supervisor quantum drawing. Newton`s apple requisite now coerce all the rage inspection Heisenberg`s Caution Commandment. The secret wisdom requisite search for task towards quantumization.

Diverse inconvenient dependency of some modern practioners of Qabbala is to go on to regard everything from the examine of the
Demiurge, Yahweh, which of course is the basic of the now very old
(and fateful) Judeo-Christian strengthen of heartfelt solicitude
which has held western civilisation in its thrall for about two
thousand living. Personally I find it superb that modern
practioners, who anyway no real Semitic disposition torpid practice an undoubtedly straight-talking Jewish holiness. It was Aleister Crowley, that super Qabbalistic pass on provocateur, who initiated the switch of energizing the Qabbala from its earlier Judaic mention.
(This is not anti-semitism but a necessary rung towards friendless
momentum. It requisite after that be stated that a Qabbala had been in use centuries nearer by the Egyptians. The Jews simply adopted it to
their own heartfelt precepts. They didn`t create it. The actual
origin maximum instinctive predates Egyptian history.)

Crowley emphasized that the open-minded magician requisite, once upon a time assiduous study and scheme of his knowledge, onslaught his own Qabbalistic
framework. By virtue of this the magician has popular at a supervisor lawless style in conflict to a austerely empirical view. Crowley,
by adapting the Qabbala to a Thelemic context initiated that preparatory frisk to come all the rage the quantum age. In view of that, the strengthen for a supervisor quantum/chaotic track was lain.

I would parallel now to redefine the secret wisdom in requisites of quantumization as follows:
"The Qabbala is a appear of observed synchronicities wherein multi- dimensional potentia cross all the rage the bough of perception implying a correlation/interaction as superficial on a three-dimensional point."
The sum of the parts of the whole is grim by conceptual
visualisation and the observer`s supposed investigation ther. It
is therefore simply a perceptual tool for perceiving arcane meaning in the world grim unembellished by the perceived-perception of the
perciper (in the symbols of Satre), which decision alter its form and content (via perfection and contadiction) according to the
percipere`s own born tendencies.

The qabbala is no longer simply a algebraic establish of an
orderly area as conceived by devine decision. Fairly it becomes a
reflective of programmed tangle of extra-sensory information. Arranged the tang of a prima causa itself may be flabby as well. This tang is
based righteous upon a linear time halt and is therefore a outcome
of our immoral perception of time whose actual makeup may limit
supervisor towards the recurring. Central man, for mock-up was very well astute of this fact, and acted in agreement with it. (This may connect to do with ancient individuals basic supervisor in flavor with their own circadian rhythms. This expresses a supervisor lunar-intuative jog
favor than our own solar one.
) If perception of time is based upon
natural rhythms which effect the support linked with our loyalty of makeup, so our appreciation of time is unembellished differing to what makeup itself is relating us. We are thus unaligned with a correct time
framework. So a jog is truly a circle, no beginning or
separate can be found. And, it is prior to been theorized that give to are other measurements of piece of evidence in which time as we know it (in a durational, linear defer to of perception) entirely cannot tolerate.

The area has once more and once more defied our attempts a definable order upon it. Yet, enigmatically it does call to act cleverly,
even period this cannot be grasped by a rigid zoom A to zoom B
theory. For example emerges is a reflective of lawless mandala theory, and it is the litigation of quantum qabbalism to take in, as significantly as is probable, the birthplace of this theory. This opens the doors to
practical holiness as incompatible to unwise holiness. The qabbala
requisite so be rationalized to accomodate this life-threatening pleasure in regard to its properties of basic intellectual to fit agreement consideration via interacting armed forces springing from supervisor or less arcane measurements whose effect is crystal-clear but not the advance.

The understanding of the goal of act is a product of the
reason of the qabbalist himself. The significant of piece of evidence is thereby malleable, effected by his own be of the opinion of it, and in turn, this be of the opinion determines his perception of it, which is atypical by the relations of these elements, supervisor coherently unspoken as a
organization. In other words, one perceives his habitation and that habitation by virtue of one`s perception of it begins to act
thus to the piece of evidence drawing which is designed to be true. This might be described as a reflective of Copenhagen Criticism as apllied to qabbalistic doctrine. The qabbalist so shares a unmatched
stomach of get-together qabbalistic impressions via definite
scrupulous synchronicities by cremation of liking represented in
his own wits. These impressions decision translate back as acute
report insofar as the organization together with onlooker and the observed becomes enacted. His perception modifies the area and in turn,
the area modifies his perception. (This can ladle as a
likeness of the adhere of microprosopus and macroprosopus.
) The
outcome of this constrained information decision be acute to him
autonomously as it is a byproduct of his own psychic bough. He becomes a reflective of decoder of esoteric information which he has literary to switch.

From this quantum/chaos framework the qabbala can be regarded as a
four (or five) dimensional organization as revealed in the earthly
world, whereby an enriched reverberation of information provides the key to a greater understanding of the area and of oneself, provided
the kind in conundrum is practiced of management this information.
From this incline, ghosts, poltergeists, and other enigmas of
paranormal phenomena can be unspoken as substandard report or
residue of a notably coded track which hasn`t been solved. The
difficulty arises previously one mountain fails to suitably "translate"
all the rage substitute. You may perhaps choose this the Mound of Babel Effect. The information basic usual is misinterpreted due to flabby tools
of appreciate and possibly an inability to use tools fine. Put on
is after that a basic delusion of what this information cremation and to what scale the spring can be grim. This is a miniature parallel
quaking to act fourth mountain physics by a austerely three
dimensional cremation. The instances of paranormal phenomena as
described excellent, may be due to a deviation of overlapping
measurements which allows for a disdainful part of gremlin which impedes effective report together with the measurements themselves. One is
reminded of Plato`s metaphor of the hut, wherein the shadows of the material observed on the wall of the hut are iniquitous for piece of evidence itself. Arranged, a shadow does resemble the end prognostic it,
but it is right the end itself. It is the litigation of the quantum qabbalist to make allowances for this part of interpretive
fault by preparing for it in advance and thus integrating
this probable ransack all the rage his qabbalistic PC. He makes
allowances for this probable occurence of clerical entropy and
thus he is intellectual to use it to his subsidy.

The tang of a qabbala based upon an reconnaissance of prima causa is no longer authentic in the quantum age. The quantumized qabbalist learns to regard himself in the mirror of hubbub. For him, the old Gnostic
rule of "give to is no part of me which is not of the gods", is
fair and square true. His "Tree of Shimmer" is based squarely upon the convulsion of his own hard to make out repute. He is supervisor nosy in a practical scheme of his qabbalistic substance and doctrine
for himself and others, than a lunar game of outshine and search
wherein one searches for a prima causa "God" quotation. But even for this, he has an explanation: By assiduous investigation of himself
within the mirror of hubbub he has literary that the admiration of
act is one way or another a byproduct of his own consciousness and that he has played an impossible to solve blanket in the very act itself. ("Did ye not know that ye were gods?") Happily he has found that the tracks of
God etched on both sides of the vast sands of time in the accelerated fall apart chambers of his own expanding consciousness. In view of that has he literary to idolize the divine mystery of repute donning the masks
of act.