Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rhymed List Of Gypsy Verbs

Rhymed List Of Gypsy Verbs Cover
To dick and jin,

To bikn and kin;

To pee and hal,

And av and jal;

To kair and poggra,

Shoon and rokra;

To caur and chore,

Heta and cour,

Moar and more,

To drab and dook,

And nash on rook;

To pek and tove,

And sove and rove,

And nash on poove;

To tardra oprey,

And chiv aley;

To pes and gin,

To mang and chin,

To pootch and pukker,

Hok and dukker;

To besh and kel,

To del and lel,

And jib to tel;

Bitch, atch, and hatch,

Roddra and latch;

To gool and saul,

And sollohaul;

To pand and wustra,

Hokta and plastra,

Busna and kistur,

Maila and grista;

To an and riggur;

To pen and sikker,

Porra and simmer,

Chungra and chingra,

Pude and grommena,

Grovena, gruvena;

To dand and choom,

Chauva and rom,

Rok and gare,

Jib and mer

With camova,

And paracrova,


And mekello,

And kitsi wasror,

Sore are lavior,

For kairing chomany,

In jib of Romany.

From" Lavo-"by George Borrow

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