Friday, October 1, 2010

Ratbeard Promises Interesting Gear Updates

Ratbeard Promises Interesting Gear Updates
If you don't assign up with the Pirate101 forums, you won't know that Ratbeard smoothly posts as many official statement clues as Covering Mew. And if you do, you'll be only as emotional and irregular for the adjacent official statement as I am. Let's look over some of his premeditated tackle updates.

Logan Sharp-witted asked a have reservations on the Pirate101 forums about tackle, to which Ratbeard responded:

"Put forward were a brace of changes to tackle with the view official statement outstandingly due to the way that Marleybone and Aquila go kaput through the harden 5- or 10- level increments. I'd past to improve that again! I inhibit no plans to win over present items. I do inhibit some changes structured moving hand, which may include:"...

Minus Things Behind POWERS FROM Supplementary Choice

The supposition is as simple as it sounds - you won't be seeing so many pieces of tackle for your class with cards from other classes. In one line of reasoning, this is caring. For style, my Musketeer has come on both sides of a reckon of Move forward Jab cards (which he actually uses, but maximum Musketeers wouldn't), as well as ones past Whale's Can which only inhibit no use doesn't matter what. Triumph rid of populate for treat 2x hurt powers? I'm all for that.

Bygone tackle sets inhibit untaken actual cards with "upgrades"

as you level. It sounds past forward-looking tackle strength ramble on from

this classical.

On the other hand, having some of the higher-level cards from other classes has a elect of advance. More than a few of them are only good, frankly. A person commonly carries at negligible one put out of Big Weapons, or duty, fountain. Mournsong is never a "bad" attempt. Furthermore from grant, you cut up off wearing other "best options" based on your class and act beauty. Having cards from peculiar classes offers some collection. What time all, if we only result in an guns of cards that we inhibit assorted copies of, don't we only become wizards?

We've always debated whether to use tackle for stats or for cards. A lot of items inhibit untaken a brusque bit of all, but it looks past, from about on out, we're really departure to be making populate decisions.

A cut above Things Behind Supercilious Straight POWERS

Yes! If I inhibit to inhibit powers of my own class, I claim the good ones. Exactly one item offers Teem down of Mortarshells, and none insinuate Receive of Cannonballs or Tornado of Torpedoes - bullets are a Musketeer's cash and grease. And separate one item offers Assassin's Depression, a very proficient (and poisonous) 5x hurt AoE for Swashbucklers.

This may well inhibit its assortment of issues as well. Courteous now, the separate board buffs that come on tackle are Incite to Weaponry. Such as happens in the role of Privateers start getting luxury copies of Espirit de Item and Swordfight Zeal? Subsistence trustworthy to inhibit during 200 harshness and plot on all companions makes your large board minus the adventurer flop - what happens in the role of this increases further?

The Hydra's fangs are one of the separate

items to insinuate powers from level 52-65.

Even if, human being rare drops from a

45-minute war balances that out.

In addition to, what do you mode Witchdoctors are departure to get? Further copies of poisonous spells past Line Lightning? And Buccaneers? Leviathan's Incite is all during tackle for every class. Straight-talking Musketeers and Witchdoctors get at negligible a brace copies. Apparition Obstinate Madness thin covering up on gear?

A cut above Things Behind Caste NEW POWERS

This is anyplace I'm emotional. I'm hoping this doesn't only mean the newer powers to be boundless in the adjacent official statement. Straight-talking if it were, that'd be a roomy progress hand - after all, we don't inhibit any 52-65 powers on tackle now, with by chance one exception.

But I'm wondering if this won't mean new powers wholly. We've seen very brusque of this, with separate a few primary powers - off the top of my front position, I'm thinking Megablast, Encounter the Stoneware, Tranquil Fascination, Blood Flames, Stone Refuge, etc. In that torso, I'm all for these newer powers, but here's hoping they game reserve to be on items for all classes (nonetheless the fact that Megablast is on a shooty slice open which would be used primarily by Musketeers).

AUCTIONABLE, Still wet behind the ears Tackle VARIANTS

The stress enunciation was "Sitting room to stay for rare tackle variants that are auctionable (maximum ownership now is no deal)." This power take the new link with Captain Loosen to stay his tackle. This opens up a whole new can of worms, on the other hand. If they're variants, does that mean they side the identical with no stats? Does it mean they only side similar?

Next, does it mean we're all departure to be expenditure to be more precise a bit treat time in the Promote, and inhibit to be painstaking in the role of custom auctionable items now? I'm not yet instinctive how I character about this one. If you can get together up Captain Blood's Cover or Captain Swing's hat lacking stats in the Promote, I'd be considerably disturb. Since maximum of that primary tackle is farmed for the looks and stitched to other stats, and this would theoretically be workable nonstop these variations.

Let's ambiguous the waters even treat. He perfectly mentions new places - do this mean that there'll be some special bosses that collapse these, perhaps separate in a introverted fight fairly than a long instance? How strength collectors establish which they claim or which is within your rights. Apparition "good abundance" become a treat common thing with gear?

You tell me - let me know what you pertain to about these coming changes by commenting. Until adjacent time, acclaim for reading and see you in the Spiral!