Monday, October 4, 2010

Candle Magick For Scrying

Candle Magick For Scrying Cover Scrying is a popular form of Divination which involves seeing truth, knowing
what is happening around you in other places. It normally involves mirrors,
crystals, water or fire. This magick spell is devised to assist in scrying, not
to be performed alone.

Arrange altar in the following manner:

Goddess Candle and God candle in respective places.
Incense in the Center
White candle directly south of incense.
To the left and south of the white candle place Orange candle. Underneath white
candle place petitioner candle. Directly right of petitioner candle place
orange candle. Directly south of the Petitioner candle place purple candle.

Light Goddess and God candles.

Light PETITIONER candle and say,

"Here burns my spirit and power, wise in the Occult and steadfast in purity."

Light the WHITE candle and say,

"Here burns Purity, Truth, and Sincerity. They are with me throughout this rite
and beyond it."

Light Orange candles and say,

"That Which I scry is attracted to me as the moth is drawn to the candle flame."

Sit a moment and organize your thoughts. Decide EXACTLY what it is you wish to
see and say,

"Around me is built a wall of light;
Though it may pass only that which will harm me not.
That I may see all there is no question,
yet aught I see may not reach out to me.
The Gods are my guides as they are to my strength.
All this revealed is brought through Them;
For this do I give thanks."

Turn your back to the altar and perform you act of scrying

When you have finished this, turn back to the altar and say,

"That which was desired has been accomplished.
May the Gods ever be with me and protect me in aught I do."

Extinguish the candles in reverse order of lighting them.

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