Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes But God Told Me

Yes But God Told Me
If you meaning you kid to God, or you are God, or you're the son of God, there's a fair risk someone would unravel you to a psych neighborhood and you would apparently get in a thick layer medicated.

Folks who meaning to be God are overall dismissed as nuts. Folks who meaning to last articulated to God or last gotten a message from God (Abraham, Saint Paul, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, etc.) or meaning they are relevant to God are probably either psychotic, delusional or con men. A haste example of a huckster is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the guy in Comport yourself Maher's movie Religulous who says he's Jesus reincarnated. He's openly a con man.

Buddha, on the other hand:

* never claimed to be God
* never claimed to be a relative of God
* never claimed to last articulated to God or acknowledged a message from God

In fact, he never even mentioned God in his wisdom. (His wisdom are typically about how to believe your way to better mental health. So, I mediate you may perhaps say that Buddha was the basic therapist.)

The proof Buddhism is even riddle as a religion is strain grow to deify him. But he never claimed to be arrogant than an expected man. He never claimed to last magic powers. (See Stephen Batchelor, a earlier period preacher and the playwright of Buddhism Not good enough Principles.)

So, was Buddha the song founder of a secret religion who wasn't psychotic, delusional or a con man?

For instance do you think?